Everyone is clambering for “Please let this do the trick. Trump must go!”, however there is another way to look at these events:

1. The more Trump and Republicans get involved in scandals and accusations, then the less time Congress has to focus and work on destroying America with laws that they will enact. One can only hope that Trump gets everyone involved in more and more accusations thus preventing the repeal of the ACA.

2. The more that things happen the less the media (CNN, etc.) will say that he looks Presidential every time he reads from a teleprompter and resorts to acting, his main profession. At some point, Trump will paint a complete picture for all to see.

3. Republicans and especially Trump will do awesome advertising for 2017 and especially 2018 elections, which will throw them decisively out of both chambers of congress.

4. Republicans and Trump will keep Democrats fired up and prevent them from falling into complacency, which is what triggered Trump and Republicans to gain power in the first place.

5. With Trump staying in power for the full term, he prevents Mike Pence and Paul Ryan from assuming the Presidency and both of them are far more dangerous. Democrats need to realize that “Trump must go” is only for 2020, not before.

6. With Trump acting, well, like Trump, the Democratic nominee for 2020 will have a much easier time. I am hoping for a landslide greater than Nixon and McGovern. I do not even want Trump to win one state. I want Trump to lose decisively in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

7. Democrats need to stay focused on winning both Chambers of Congress in 2020, so that they can undo the gerrymandering that Republicans did after the 2010 census. The best way for that to happen is for Republicans to dig their own graves.

8. Voters are less likely to support Republican ideologies and policies, if they keep seeing Republicans supporting Trump and the Russians.

9. 52% of the population screwed themselves in November 2016. The deed was done and there is no undo button until 2018 and 2020, so the best that can happen is to make sure that these 52% of the population and those that did not vote see full frontal what their actions and ignorance caused and to be reminded of that daily.

10. Hopefully, Trump will prove to the 52% of the population that actors should not be politicians and leaders. Trump and Republicans are doing much more than Democrats buying ads can do. Money does not work, as evidence by the amount of money spent on Hillary’s campaign and the Virginia state senate special election. What will win is Republicans to dig their own grave. That is priceless.

Remember, a perpetually unhinged Trump will eventually sway Independents (those leaning right, but have a bit of Democratic inside them) and maybe peel off a few layers of the more moderate conservatives.

The Atlantic ran an article saying that Trump’s behavior is McCarthyism all over again. Republicans always act like that. Just because Joe McCarthy retired from the senate decades ago does not mean that their attitude stopped. Republicans are always perfect and always blame someone else. That is what they do and especially what Donald Trump does. He always blames others and insights violence against others. Like I am saying and keep saying, the more that Trump and Republicans act like themselves and overtly with all Republicans supporting each other, the more that they will dig, and I hope permanently, their own grave.

A genuinely tweeting Trump, who makes unhinged statements, as Allen Clifton calls them, is a great day. Nothing says undoing the positive points that he got Tuesday and Wednesday, like the events yesterday. What a nice way to start a Sunday.