Allen Clifton, Forward Progressives, wrote an article, commenting on a comment that Paul Krugman made regarding Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the New York Times. The revelation by Allen is that the Republican Party is corrupt and not a party. Allen says that we are ignoring the real problem, which is the Republican Party.

My comment and the subject of this post is that this “revelation” is nothing new. I have been saying that the Republican Party is anything but a political party and they have no interest in their constituents, the country, the planet, or anything else, just a very small group of elites and then not even them. They want chaos. In short, Republicans are and have been evil for a very long time, probably since the very beginning. The National Republican Party (Lincoln) may have ended slavery, or part of the system at any rate, but that was as far as the party went on doing the right thing.

I legitimately hope that Allen did not JUST come to this realization that the Republican Party is not a party and does NOT have the interests of the American people in mind or being fiscally conservative for that matter. This situation with the Republican non-party has been here for quite some time, just every 10-years these people go further and further down the rabbit hole selling their souls even more.

We are talking about the same group of people that stole a Supreme Court seat and where Mitch McConnel (Senate leader, R-KS) said “I won”. We are talking about the same group of people that stole a presidential election, where the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision said that their finding cannot be used as precedent or for any other presidential race that their decision is a one-off, basically they gave the presidency to Criminal Bush, who complained about Al Gore having too many attorneys, all the while the Republicans had more.

We are talking of the same group of people that sold their soul to financial institutions gutted financial protections in the bank and real estate markets and then caused the worst recession since the Great Depression. We are talking about the same corrupt organization that impeached Clinton for basic bullshit all the while, when their own “Supreme Leader” does far worse things, they say nothing.

We are talking of the same group of people that employ people to create one-liners, bogus contracts, shutdowns, and whatnot rather than placing people and country first. I really have to mention the debt again, as they legitatmely caused all of it. Should I mention Nixon and McCarthyism? I could toss in putting White Catholics Males first and dissing all the rest for centuries. They are not Republicans but rather confederates.

The United States started getting better under Woodrow Wilson. He ushered in the Roaring Twenties. Following Woodrow Wilson, we had 3 Republican Presidents in a row. Towards the end, we had the Great Depression. We had “Hoovervilles”. That could easily have been said as “Republicanvilles”, as Herbert Hoover was the Republican nominee. Sadly, Democrats were not the bet of parties during these years. There was a political switch in ideology, which took place in the late 1950s and 1960s, but still evil is evil. One cannot state McCarthyism and the red scare enough.

I cannot leave this post without commenting on the Republican Parties two biggest tenants, national security and “The Party of G-d” forgetting that there is a separation of church (discrimination to temples) and state.

I just love how dictators and tyrants take democratic terms and abuse them. Korea and other “communist” countries are hardly democratic or a country of the people. They are dictators. Putin is a dictator that took a weak Democracy and rewrote the rules to make himself a “Supreme Leader”, basically g-d and screwed his own citizens and had his own citizens say thank you for it, talk about sheep.

The Republican Party is not a party of g-d. They are the party of the devil pushing hatred, diversity, and are the most anti-life party bar none. They want to save lives, but as soon as the child is born, they do everything in their power to kill off or screw the child. They pay no attention to the needs of families or children, none. Do I really have to give proof? All I have to say is ACA and universal health care and that should answer that. I could mention a host of things. Clearly, they are not g-d fearing or pro-life. I do not even laugh at that statement, as it is appalling.

That brings us to national security. Republicans and national security is an oxymoron, if ever I heard one. They do not even care about veterans. One just has to look at their policies. If you have not watched The Karate Kid (the original one), then you should. Here is a great one-liner. “The best defense is to not be there.”

The best defense is a strong mind and body. That means where all citizens are healthy (mind and body), where the country and planet is healthy (no climate change issues), no farming issues, and everyone has a job. The government has to provide the framework to ensure that things happen and of course bad things do not, that means regulations. The whole concept of killing off all regulations is mind boggling. The United States is no different than a family. A family that is healthy, has a place to stay, is loved, and has a great financial health, is a happy family and a safe one, especially when multiplied by all citizens. What I have found is that the chain (the United States and its citizens, all citizens) is as strong as its weakest link. (Yes, that is an adage, but a true one.)

A party that puts itself in the bedroom and plays g-d to everyone but themselves is something to be erased. I just love how Catholic Priests condemn the LGBT community and then at the same time sodomize little boys. That was not an isolated incident but one that was/is prevalent and part of the culture.

A party that is bound to the pope, itself an evil institution, is not and cannot be American. There are multiple religions and an infinite diversity of people. There is also a separation of church/temple and state. It is not a coincidence that the group that killed people to proclaim the Earth was flat and not round is the same low life people that do the same thing now time and time again. I am not against religion or Jesus, just people, who use The Lord’s name in vain and to do evil. That I am against, big time. Allen wrote about this thought many a time. (I leave it to you to do a search.) Really, Republicans are the most anti-Christian party this planet has ever known and that says something. There is nothing Christian about them. By the way, Republicans do not support Israel, never have. They just use Israel and want the Jewish Orthodox to give them money and power.

The list goes on, but suffice it to say that Republicans are not just now turning a new leaf. They are the same party that has been going down the rabbit hole for decades and centuries.

Lastly, it is not a surprise that Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, the KKK, Confederates from the South, and all other scum gravitate to the Republican Party like flies to shit. That legitimately says something about the group known as the Republican Party.