Allen brings up an interesting points and figures regarding military spending. Thank you for showing that we spend $400 billion more than Russia and China.

This Huffington Post article talks about our record national defense spending, something in contradiction to what Trump suggest, and this spending is in Obama’s second term. What Republicans say does not pass anything, just their followers are ignorant and love to hurt themselves.

What Allen does not talk about, nor Democrats or Republicans is that the biggest danger to America is America. Period. The danger to us is not Russia or China or North Korea or Cuba or any other low life scum country.

Russia wins every time a dam of ours collapses. Russia wins every year that our electrical grid is worse than a third world country. Russia wins every single year that our national infrastructure is not only in a state of utter disrepair but many decades old. Russia wins every year that we have citizens that are sick when U.S. citizens and those that live here do not have guaranteed health care as a right, something that all other countries have.

Russia wins when 52% of the country hate intellectuals and believe in lies and propaganda. Russia wins when the other major party (Republicans) put power and chaos about everything else. Russia wins when 52% of the country want to see no America and just have a lose Confederate States of America. Russia wins when 52% of the population wants to put African Americans back as slaves or at a minimum have separate but equal. Russia wins with the talk of isolationism and “Make America Great Again” and “America First” rhetoric.

In order to finally make the United States of America the country that it can be, we have to get beyond the Civil War, which supposedly ended in 1865 and beyond the second world war, which supposedly ended in 1945.

I am not saying the following because I am a Democrat, but pretty much, and Allen said the same thing, that Republicans are the head of all major push-downs to our society, while Democrats are the ones that push for real positive change. 52% of the country needs to grow up and mature, not to mention get an education.