About Us

I started this blog to add my voice to the community at large and help steer America onto the right track. I am sick and tired of the United States taking positive steps forward only to have half of America continuously throw us off the path to success and a better future.

Although I am a Democrat and Progressive, I do support some financially principled ideology, which is a Progressive trait. I do not believe in just throwing money around without knowing where the money will come from, which does not preclude spending money for good causes.

Republicans and conservatives, sad to say, and the people, who vote them in are ignorant, planet hating, hypocrites, not to mention scum, criminals, and by support fascists and white supremacists. I do not use these words lightly. My parents grew up in Central Europe. My mom was in a Nazi concentration camp. I witnessed first hand discrimination and bullying right in Southern California. There is nothing like bullying, when you do not fit the typical mode and schools are ill equipped and ignorant of the diversity of our planet.

I grew up watching Star Trek and believing in the IDIC (Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations) philosophy. Society is just now coming around to that idea. Years ago there was no such thing as pan sexual and a myriad of other terms.

Republicans keep saying that they are the “moral majority”, “fiscally responsible”, “true patriots”, and “support the military” (I get nauseated every time I hear that from them), and other great one-liners that mean nothing. Republicans as a fellow blogger Allen Clifton likes to write are the least Christian people out their, as are their followers.

I wanted to start a blog for years now, but I kept postponing the endeavor. With Hillary’s loss, and I did support her candidacy, voted for her, and donated to her campaign, I finally got motivated to help take back America. I am sick and tired of Republicans threatening America and the planet that I love, what I call home.

Republicans want to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, give money to the ultra rich, which their policies will never do, as they are ignorant power hungry idiots that put party above all else, and create anarchy, make America First (code name for white uneducated men) with women and minorities subservient to them. Phrased differently, Republicans want to remake America as the Confederate States of America complete with slavery and women subservient to men, just without the name. Republicans are definitely not the party of Lincoln. I am not even sure that Lincoln was all that righteous, as if he was he would have taken different actions. By the way, putting party above all else means putting country above all else, as in the long run, they lose.

I am hoping to start a community here on Progressives Leading. We have Indivisible Groups and Move-On and now I want to help out.

If you like what I write here on this blog, please donate. We live in reality, where money does not grow on trees and taking time to write and create a movement takes money.

Please like, share, follow, and donate. If you you would like to contribute an article and if I approve of it, let me know.  I would also appreciate if you spread the word and forward this blog to others and help build a community.

There is a bright future, but we all must contribute and educate America. A healthy educated America is a prosperous America. We do not need guns (the 2nd Amendment is for the state national guard, not individual citizens). Remember IDIC. All colors of the rainbow is not just for the LGBT community, but for all and all the colors that humanity represents.


Sarah Weinberger, Progressives Leading