Russia’s Hold On Trump

Allen Clifton wrote an article thanking Fox News’ Shep Smith for standing up to Trump. My comment deserves to be published here as well.

I do not think that Trump’s support of Russia is any “one thing,” but rather a collection of multiple things. Even his ego is two things. Here is the list so far, at least what comes easily to mind.

1) Anyone who thinks that Putin only hacked the DNC and Hilary’s campaign is naive. If I were Putin and about to hack the DNC, I certain would want insurance and hack the RNC and Trump’s campaign too.

2) Trump mercilessly hammered the DNC and Clinton’s campaign because of th hacking. When the truth comes out that his campaign and the RNC were hacked, Trump would have to eat crow.

3) Trump is being blackmailed

4) Trump has business interests in Russia. There is still that property that he wants and almost had.

5) He admires Putin; birds of a feather, so to speak.

6) Trump would have to admit that he actually lost the election to a female, Clinton no less, that his Presidency is not legitamate, and that he would have to order a redo election, where he would lose.

7) Trump never does the right thing unless forced.

8) Trump makes much more money for himself and his rich friends/family by staying the course

9) Trump is and was a fascist. Let us not forget that Germany and Russia were allies during WWII until Germany crossed Russia.

10) Lastly, Trump is Putin’s puppet and doing his bidding. Trump is also the puppet of conservatives. His character is not strong enough to actually be independent.

11) Trump has no experience in politics or leading. He is a reality actor, nothing more.

12) His business acumen is a fraud and he is a failure.

13) Trump is always right, never wrong. Period. Changing course now on a topic such as this one, would mean that he was wrong, which he never is.

14) Many in Trump’s campaign already admitted guilt to colluding with the Russians for dirt on Clinton. I think Pence is involved too, which means if all that would come to light, then Republicans would be out of power and Clinton declared thew winner. That would probably lead to Civil War II.

15) Trump thinks only of himself and “his kind”, never anyone else. That was evident in his demeanor prior to landing in the White House, not to mention how he treats his family and his spouses.

16) Trump spent no time with his children until they were adults and could benefit him. Why would Trump be anymore nurturing to the U.S., the planet, or its citizens?

One can go on and on, but these are the basic items. If I had to pick just one, that would be hard, as Trump’s ego definitely plays a part, but my gut tells me that Putin has something on Trump or the two are involved in a business dealing. Trump simply goes way too out of his way, even against many in his own party, to protect Russia. I would say that seems odd, but rather given what we already know makes sense.

Mueller’s investigation is circling around the Trump campaign. We already know of the meeting to get dirt on Clinton and Trump’s use of the leaked emails before they were leaked. Mueller is gunning for Trump and Trump will not make his job easier, or is he?

An Extension of 10 Horrible Things if Progressives Get What They Want

Allen Clifton of Forward Progressives wrote an article entitled, “10 ‘Horrible’ Things That Would Happen if Progressives Got Their Way in the United States”. I thought that my comment deserved to be a post here.

When I first read the title of Allen’s article, I sadly missed the quotes. I was totally curious what possible horrible things could happen, if Progressives get what they want? I thought that he was trying to be fair and legitimately came up with a few points. I thought to myself what possibly could those be, as health care would benefit everyone, as would education, a clean environment, and much else.

Allen’s list was quite extensive, and I will not replicate the list here. The master, who I still think should run for Ted Cruz’s seat the next time that he is up for election, phrased things much better than I, but he missed a few important points. I highly recommend that you read his article. To give you an example, here is the first one on health care. I will then give mine.

1. Like practically every other major country on the planet, every American would have health insurance: Imagine a country where we’re no longer having to spend all this time and energy on the “health care debate” because, like every other major country on Earth, we treated access to health care as a right, not a privilege for only those who can afford it.

Plus there’s always the fact that countries with single-payer insurance spend much less on health care than the United States and our failed for-profit system.

Oh, the horror!

As Allen stated, Progressives are on the right side of history. Like Allen, I am not stating that I am a Democrat, because I am a cult member, just on the progressives side, but because the cause is just and based on facts. I am an engineer and have always sought out facts. I am fiscally conservative. Towards that end, Republicans are the opposite of fiscally conservative. They are reverse Robin Hood. They want to steal from the poor to give to the rich, literally.

If nothing else, working in the coal industry, means Black Lung Disease, which causes massive amounts of increased burden on society in terms of cost. People’s lives get shortened. Besides, these people can relocate to other jobs. With free education, they can go to school, get certified, and get a meaningful job in the green sector.

What is all this fascination and worry with the rich? They can afford tax accountants and tax attorneys, not to mention have loop holes and the like.

11. Gerrymandering would be a think of the past, as each district would truly reflect the district and not an artificial area to keep a group in power.

12. Elimination of Citizens United would mean that rich people and corporations cannot buy legislation. The power would go to ordinary citizens.

13. There would be no such thing as homelessness. Citizens would have access to mental health.

14. The U.S. would be a country, where all would look up to once again and America would be the greatest nation on Earth leading the way towards a brighter future.

15. The American Civil War would finally be settled with the Confederates losing.

16. LGBT and other groups would be equal to everyone else. The phrase “We the people” would actually mean something.

17. It is hard to create another top-10 list without mentioning Trump’s lover. Why is it that he does not move to Russia? I have never seen such affection towards a murderous criminal in my life. Yeah, like Fiddler on the Roof, to each their own kind. “A bird my love a fish, but where would they build a home,” and all that. Russia is happy, when the U.S. is fragmented. With a unified U.S., Putin and his henchman would be screwed.

18. Speaking of murderous scum, not Trump, which he is, but Putin in this case, the U.S., which has seen diminishing influence in the world would rise up again. Much of the last 30+ years has seen the U.S. in a state of limbo. Legislation goes nowhere, because Republicans hold up legislation, spend months and huge sums of money doing wasteful activities or activities that harm people. Image if legislation would actually get done?

People are fed up with Washington and that nothing gets done. Sadly, most people do not realize, mostly because they are willfully ignorant, that the problem is not Washington. Washington is fine. The problem is the Republican Party. Think back to the 2008 to 2016. The Republican Party was quite literally the “Party of No.” The problems with the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is that Republicans either did not implement the law and exchanges or fought it at every step of the way. Imagine of Progressives got what they wanted and the ACA went full steam ahead followed by a single payer option, possibly Medicare for All, but I would eliminate that plan and create a better one.

With basic legislation done and roadblocks eliminated, the United States can get onto meaningful things. By the way, one of the fallacies that many people have is that Washington needs outsiders. That is simply dumb. Would you let a 16-year old art student do open heart surgery on you? The answer is obviously no. Running a country is equally complex. That is not someone with whom you would have a beer, I would not have a beer period and I would not have a beer with a low life, but that is besides the point. That is someone, who is experienced, smart, clever, and knows how to get things done. A President should be the smartest person in the room, not the dumbest and know that they know a fraction of what needs knowing, so they want a team of political nerds and nerds in their respective fields.

19. Trump and Republicans want to limit free speech. Notice how they put a gag order on many departments. Progressives would open the spigot.

20. Transportation and infrastructure. Trump talked bullshit, but Progressives would get things done, as the money would get allocated and all the problems fixed.

I will close with something that most people do not want to hear. Destroying things is over night, or relatively so. Fixing problems takes a while. To illustrate a point, break your leg. Now, see how long it takes to heal? Lot of real legislation passed between 2008 and 2010, even with the Party of No. It took time. Already, we see the lowest rate of uninsured people. The economy improves.

Let us continue the fight. I chose Paul Ryan for my cover picture. Let us knock him off in 2018 and get rid of the first piece of trash.

The Concept of For Profit Health Insurance Companies

Allen Clifton wrote an article entitled: “The Two Words Republicans Will Never Admit are the Cause of Our Health Care Issues.” The two-words are “for profit.” Here is my take on the thought.

I do agree that for-profit insurance companies cannot provide adequate healthcare coverage. At the very minimum, there is the perpetual battle to get insurance companies to pay for services. Obviously, they will pay for basic services, such as a visit to the primary care physician, however everything else is fair game to bicker. The insurance companies win, because fighting them takes time and money, which most people do not have.

Arguing whether or not Democrats could have or should have done a whole game changer back in 2008 is an academic discussion. Democrats chose an incremental approach and hoped to get conservatives on board, especially considering that the ACA is a conservative legislation and proposed by the Republican Party back in 1994. I already wrote on this topic. As I understood things, the idea was to add a public option to the ACA at a later date. What most people do not remember is that Democrats had to fight Blue Dog Democrats and DINOs during this period. Getting everyone to agree took over a year.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a great piece of legislation, which has helped many people. It is a great start at the topic of healthcare, but now we need to take the next step.

As I have said, the solution is that the government provide (what Hillary originally proposed back in ’94) universal health insurance comparable to the bronze level. The ACA would then provide the framework for the upper levels (silver, gold, and platinum).

Clarifying: Sick, poor, and lower income people more than likely do not purchase anything above the bronze level now, as it is expensive. As such, after the U.S. government provides every citizen with bronze level support, the crying about a mandate would disappear from the elevated plans, as there would be no mandate for the elevated plans, just like there is none now.

Also, the Republican idea of tax credits is ridiculous, as poor people do not pay taxes, nor do Republicans believe in tax cuts to the middle class, just the rich. What will one deduct? Will one deduct $76,000 from taxes and get that back? John McCain’s surgery was $76,000 on Medicare, had he used Medicare. The ACA platinum plan would have been better as that has a maximum out of pocket limit.

Also, with everyone having the bronze level (universal healthcare), the government can get rid of Medicaid and Medicare. Every citizen would be treated equal with respect to health care. The cost should drop per person, as there are not 2 programs, just one.

A person commented to me that “Every citizen would be treated equal with respect to health care. That is the goal, and doing it through the market place obviously doesn’t work in the rest of the world. or here. It is a social moral issue, and those in power now only think of social as local, or familiar to them, and not the rest of us who are ignored by their selfishness.”

Healthcare is a right. Every person living in this country has a right to real healthcare inclusive of all the benefits that come with the ACA.

The ACA is a wonderful achievement. I applaud that. As someone else wrote recently, the mistake was that Democrats bickered and in those 2-years did not go far enough. They could have added free university, Medicare for all or disband Medicare/Medicaid and give a public option that if you are older than a certain age or poorer than so much you get the public option free. There are other topics too.

As to the core topic, healthcare is not a social more issue, although it is. Healthcare is a right regardless of race, religion, income, sickness, age, or any other classification.

Let us not talk “people in power”. We are talking of Republicans. Democrats and Bernie passed the ACA and want a public option or Medicare for all. Bernie is non-stop talking on that. A public option and single payer was Hilary’s trademark back in 1992. Republicans want the confederate ideology. They got bought by the Mercer, Koch, and other rich white old families, not to mention big corporations. Just look at who Trump put in his cabinet.

Every citizen IS TREATED equally with the ACA and of course a public option. The bill in California, SB-562, would guarantee every Californian healthcare as a public option. The ACA guarantees everyone must be covered, nobody is rejected for preexisting conditions, and sets the price for age at no more than 3-times. I love the ACA, but the law, as Democrats keep reminding, needs to go further. Many states, Republican ones, fought the ACA, so as to not give “Democrats” a victory, but then they are not Americans.

Medicare is working. Medicaid is working. A public option would work too. That is something to discuss with smart cool common heads.

Personally, I would ditch Medicare and Medicaid and rebrand them as a single entity called “The Public Option” or whatever. That would give every citizen basic care (think Silver plan just with lower deductibles). Insurance companies would offer elevated plans, which would be in addition to, not a replacement of. The ACA would still be in effect, as the public option (what you can think of as Medicare) must comply with the ACA.

I think that I just wrote another article for my site.)

I would ditch the term Medicare and Medicaid, as there should be a single entity for all and not based on being older than 65 (Medicare) or homeless with a good lawyer and young children (Medicaid). Of course, if you have an attorney, then you do not need Medicaid. Maybe poor Russian American immigrants get it, but I digress.

Hilary defined the topic pretty well. Bernie is also on the right track, as are the Senate Democrats.

We are basically talking the same thing. There would be a base public option, which EVERYONE would get, and insurance that would provide Gold and Platinum levels for an additional amount. All plans, even what is known as Medicaid and Medicare today, which as I said would go away, must meet the ACA plan level of Silver or Gold.

The solution lies in combining conservative healthcare approach, the ACA (read my site on the origins of the ACA), and a public option. By the way, the UK is super ultra-mega conservative and they have universal healthcare provided by NHS. The whole concept of the poor and middle class dying and being on their own is a Republican thing, not a conservative thing. The most conservative principle states that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. A productive and healthy workforce equals a healthy government.

It is fine to talk doing things with a clean slate, but things have to take a step-by-step approach. The U.S. and its citizens were not ready back in 2008 for a wholesale change, as is evident by Democrats being thrown out of power. The ACA was a great first step. Yes, for profit introduces problems, but within the confines of what we have, the ACA did a great job. I love the plan. We now have to go the next step and replace everything, where everyone gets basic care (single payer) and insurance companies can sell updated plans. Throwing Anthem and the others out of business is not realistic.

The Right and their “Remove and Replace”

Allen Clifton wrote an article on the Republican Health Care plan. This post is my commentary on that article, blowing off some steam too, as it is quite frustrating how ignorant the right and many people are towards something as basic and necessary as healthcare. Healthcare is a right. Period. There is no such construct as old/young and healthy/sick, as I will illustrate. There is just people, as in “We the people”. Anything else and one winds up with “Logan’s Run” and when you turn 30-years, or older, if you somehow evade the law, you go to a disintegration chamber. The ACA is one of the best things to happen here in the United States.

Each and every one of us needs to protect and defend this awesome law and work to positively enhance the law. There are states, which do not have the medicaid expansion, because of the right, who else?) The Silver plan should be the lowest level, ditching the bronze. The affordability level should be better. The deductible on the silver plan is too high. That should have a zero dollar deductible as well, as deductible limits healthcare. There should be a public option, as Hilary wanted to add. She will not be President, but the idea is sound and it is up to others to implement a public option. Shall I continue? Planned Parenthood should have some sort of law passed, which protects the organization from the right for all time. They provide much needed services.

The whole construct of “healthy” people and “sick” people and “why should healthy people have to pay for sick people” are some of the most ludicrous concepts ever perpetrated by the right. Let me phrase things a bit differently. If we can talk about ISIS bombing the U.S. and then having the President make nice with ISIS and turn against the U.S. to illustrate a point, we can do the same with healthcare.

Let us divide people between dark skinned (African Americans, Latina, Indian, and whomever else that I might have missed) and so called “White people”. (That is another load of crap, as there is no such thing as white people, but I digress.) Why white people have to pay for dark skinned people’s health insurance? White people should be able to purchase cheaper plans, because white people are better and healthier, while darker skinned people, should, well, get fucked over, just politely stated, of course.

(It is hard to not get worked up typing on healthcare and get my blood boiling. How dumb are people anyways?) Dividing people between healthy and sick is dumb, stupid, idiotic, brain dead, and every other ignorant adjective one can dream up. There is no such construct. Just as a stranger is a friend that you did not meet, so is a sick person and health person. A healthy person can become sick at an instant with no notice whatsoever. Let us not add in injury, external forces, and the like. Before crying about 20-year old’s “paying” for 40-year old’s, those same “20-year old’s” in two blinks of an eye will become 40-year old’s. Why 2 blinks, yeah should be faster, as time moves faster as you get older, but I give 1-blink per 10-years, at least when you are 20, maybe a half blink by the time you are 40 or 50.

The other point is “better cheaper”. Republicans are like some lawyers twisting and manipulating facts and language. One has to be clear what the definition of “better” and “cheaper” is.

Better: The best health insurance plans are those that help the rich Christian white people that make up the bread and butter of the Republican Party, while screwing over the rest and having them say thank you for it.

Cheaper: The rich should not have to pay taxes to support the poor and working class. Rich people worked hard to become rich (eye rolling, pathetic) and poor people (everyone else, who is not old rich Christian white, though Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Venetian in Vegas, is Jewish) should pay for the rich. The rich should not have to pay for health insurance, hence cheaper, just like taxes. As Warren Buffet said: “My secretary pays more taxes than I do”. That is obvious, as one has tax write-offs, lawyers, and accountants, while the other does not, just a W2.

The ACA is an awesome health care law, which we should all be thankful. It is a blessing, which saves lives, gives real choice, and provides much needed services, such as mental, maternity, and everything else. The best way to help the economy is to have a healthy one. The U.S. today because of the ACA has the healthiest citizenship ever. It could be more, if Republicans were not trying to make America Sick (again).

Resist… Assist… Persist… Educate… Remove/Recall… Peace…

Why People Vote Republican

I made a comment on a recent post on Forward Progressives. The post discussed John McCain (R-AZ) saying that American leadership was better under President Obama and concluded that Republicans sold out their country by embracing Trump. I made a comment that Republicans sold their soul a long time ago. One can argue with the embrace of The Southern Strategy or by its very DNA, being a conservative ideology.

The right did not sell their country out, when Trump came along, as a candidate. That is horse shit. Republicans sold their soul years ago, or have all of you forgotten “The Party of No” and “Contract with the Ignorant Voter, err Contract with America”, etc., etc., etc.

As to Trump, “Oh Lord it’s hard for him to be humble, as he is perfect in every way. He cannot wait to look in the mirror, cause he get better looking each day.  To know him is to love him. He is one HELL of a guy.” Fits. No?  Mac Davis knew what he was talking about.

One person made the following comment:

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who likes themselves as well as Trump likes himself. He is really demented.

My current belief is that the Republican Party is a holdover from the conservative party in Britain (Torres). Watching recent history in the UK has the same damn thing. They are isolationist, hate immigrants, etc., etc. Half the country voted to undo international frameworks (leave the EU). Half the country decided Britain Uber Ales and not adopt the Euro. It is amazing that conservatives went along with the metric system.

I watched episode 4 (or is that 5) of Crown (Season 1 on Netflix), which is the story of Queen Elisabeth the II. That episode deals with the killer fog of December 6th through 11, 1952. The Torres headed by Winston Churchill said that fog is fog, acts of god. He went on to say how wonderful fossil fuel is, etc. Tune into Trump for the same damn speech. 12,000 people died during those days, when there was no wind and fog trapped fossil fuels and coal burning plants exhaust. It was not until 1956 that the Clean Air Act passed to make sure that that incident never happens again, well at least that was the thought. The Labor Party (Democrats here) knew the problem, but were unable to do anything about it.

The question Betty is not why anyone would stand with Trump, as he is just a byproduct of the conservative ideology. He watches and believes in Fox News, believes in conspiracy theory trapping him to the right, and is of course a true member of “The Southern Strategy,” waving his White Nationalist flag, Nazi really. The question is why anyone in their right mind stands with Republicans at all.

46 to 53%, depending on the year, of 50+ and White Males make up the Republican Party. Trump and the Republicans are screwing them over big time, and they say thank you for it. This KOS article entitled, Republicans betray their gray-haired base with Trumpcare, does an excellent article on Trumpcare and how it fucks Republicans over, good and hard and have them say thank you for it.

The answer to my question is the same as why a wife stays with an abusive husband. Why do people stay in any abusive relationships, not just women? The answer is the same here. Yes, inertia is part of it. People hate change, but moreover people want to believe things that harm them and shy away from work. They love their one-liners and prefer to live in bliss than in reality. Yes, ignorance is part, but educated people too support Trump, hence the clashes at Berkeley. Greed is another factor. Religious brainwashing plays yet another factor. With all that, though, there is something addictive that people find intoxicating about the Republican message and why they love their “libtards” and “You East Coast liberals think you know everything” mentality. They rather commit suicide then admit to any wrong.

What can I say, but?

Resist… Assist… Educate…


Comments on 5-Points Raised About Comey’s Testimony

Allen Clifton, Forward Progressives, wrote an article talking about the 5 standout points raised with James Comey’s written testimony before Congress. I wanted to add my take to that.

Donald Trump behaved like some sort of mafia boss

Trump is not “like” a mafia boss. He IS a mafia boss, twice over. First, the Republican Party is corrupt and has been for quite some time. They are the new mafia. As Trump is the head of the Republican Party, he is a mafia boss. Secondly, Trump is an arrogant CEO and runs his companies expecting total loyalty and wants everything done his way. Many rich and power people fall victim to this behavior. Third, Trump is an outsider and never held political office. He thinks like the government is his company, which he needs to run. That is why all his followers voted for him. Heck, many Democrats wanted an outsider, as stupid as that is.

Like most criminals, Trump made sure most of his discussions with Comey were private, where no one else could witness what he was saying

Keeping conversations private is something that Trump previously did and so does again. He wanted private conversations private. Of course, he was intimidating and coercing James Comey. He is a CEO and the investigations were affecting his “running” the government. By the way, he always wanted to run his companies his way. He is a CEO of that style. We already know his temperament and behavior (grab ‘em by the pussy, etc.), so a mafia style intimidation is what he does and knows. There is nothing new here.

Comey immediately seemed to view Trump as someone who wasn’t ethical or trustworthy

Of course, Trump lies. When has Donald Trump ever consistently told the truth? Everything is always about him and how perfect he is. Any fault is the media’s fault, someone else’s fault, or a combination thereof. He will lie to persuade his followers. His followers are gullible enough to believe anything that he says or does. They were conditioned by Fox News to be that way and by a party that demands absolute loyalty.

Trump fired Comey because he wouldn’t do what he wanted him to do

Speaking of loyalty, the Republican Party demands absolute loyalty. Trump is a Republican, so naturally, Trump demands absolute loyalty to the exclusion of all else. Republicans do not see a problem with that or Trump being a mafia head, as that is what they are. Democrats are the evil one, much as G-d is the evil one to Satan.

Trump is a bully and a CEO, so firing Comey is a no-brainer. An employee, who does not obey his direct superior tends to get canned. We are talking about the “You’re fired!” person. Right? That was not just an acting gig. That was genuine Trump and he enjoyed saying that. Trump does not think like a government official. He thinks like he runs a company, so hence firing Comey. Comey doing what he did to Clinton is just a convenient quick excuse.

In many mafia films, one person has to be the scapegoat and take the fall to further the family and its head. Michael volunteered to kill Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey and take the fall in the God Father. There are an infinite number of examples to draw from. Trump is not taking the fall, so he demands that others do and keep their loyalty. That is part of the reason why Flynn still did not talk or others are silent too.

Trump went from praising Comey, telling him how highly everyone he knew spoke about him — to firing him a few weeks later. And the only thing that “changed” between the first meeting and the day Comey was fired was that Trump finally realized he was never going to give in to his demands.

Trump does not understand what someone else does or cares. He legitimately does not. I highly doubt Trump understands, researched, or knows what Comey does, the FBI does, or even remembers what someone else says of Comey. Trump is concerned about himself, and himself only. Trump will say anything to get loyalty. One of the common traits people and management use is to offer praise, so that the person works harder and is loyal to them. We can call that a carrot. The stick is the mafia style threat. Power long ago went to Trump’s head.

Although I highly doubt the American Mafia Party (Republicans) to do anything to Trump, as that would mean admitting that Trump is a mafia head, which would implicate them. They will continue to spin like McCain tried to do tying in Hilary’s email server investigation to the Trump campaign Russian collusion investigation.

Impeaching Trump will come, when the public, independents and moderates, have enough and vote Democratic in 2018 and in the special elections this year. Democrats must also come out and vote. We shall see what happens in Georgia’s 6th Congressional Seat special election in a couple of weeks. Jon Ossof is behind by 7 points in early voting, even though Karen Handel made idiotic statements and hugely lost their debate, but she is a Republican and Republicans can do no wrong, or as the acronym goes: IOKIYAR (It is okay if you are a Republican).

Vote Democratic and remove the American Mafia Party and its head from power. Think and Act Blue.

Do I Support Democrats

Allen Clifton of Forward Progressives wrote an article talking about how Trump supporters are fragile little snowflakes. I already commented on this post of Allen’s. I received a comment, which I wanted to address. The comment is:
no one is saying that democrats are perfect, but at this moment, republicans are running our country and not doing a very good job. You should think about our country and not who you voted for.
If you read my writings, I quite frequently state that there is only one party in the United States, the Democratic Party. We are not perfect by far, as is evident by our “Bernie or Bust” squabble and many other things. We are, however, on the right side f history. The Democratic Party is really two (2) parties: Progressive Democrats and Moderate Democrats. That is a good thing for Democrats, as long as we stay united, as it keeps us grounded, engaged, and not complacent.
The Republican Party sold their soul, quite literally, and became corrupt. They are bought by special interests, corporate money, and the criminal element. They are guilty of the human condition, namely that power and money corrupt. That is why Citizens United was a horrible decision and why hopefully CA AB 14 will pass and is a good thing. Transparency is a good thing.
Republicans not doing a good job is an understatement. They got corrupted, are traitors (I am not being mean. They really are.) to everything that the United States stands for, and wish to cause chaos.
I am thinking about our country, writing about it, and am active. I voted for Hilary and would do that again. That does not mean that had Bernie been nominated that I would have thrown a hissy fit and done a “Hilary or Bust”. I would have voted for Bernie. I am in favor of a single payer health service and other things. Between Trump and Bernie, he is the better choice. I just have issues with him, if that is what you refer.
As to the 10 traits about the Democrats, you misunderstand. I talked to a Donald Trump supporter, multiple actually, and each of them says the exact same thing. “You focus on what Republicans do, but not on the Democrats. The Democrats are just as bad.” blah, blah, blah. You did not read the “quotes” and that I referred to Trump supporters.
I am a paying member to the Democratic Party and active member. I fully support them. I do not agree with the liberal faction all the time, such as the sales tax increase to combat homelessness here in California, but I do not disagree that homelessness is a serious problem. I just disagreed with taxing us to death. There is money in other ways, which does not involve sales taxing us to death. I agree with Governor Brown on being financially prudent.
My only complaint with Democrats this past year is with the “Bernie or Bust” movement and them throwing hissy fits. I rolled my eyes at the “Write In Bernie” placards all around California. Bernie lost the primary, get over it. Now we have Trump and I want to say: “Are you happy now?”
The Democratic Party is not perfect, not by a long shot. The party does have a tendency to spend first finance later, though that is a trait that we are far better at now than at any other time previously. Yes, that is because of Independent and Republican influence. What we have going for us are some of the following traits:
  • Not afraid to try new things
  • Discuss and disagree with facts and intellectually
  • Want what is good for the country
  • Believe in science
  • Have as a core platform to not gerrymander, disclose all campaign contributions, and not allow corporations to buy influence
  • Overtly encourage representative and inclusive democracy
  • Diversity is beneficial
  • Openness
  • The constitution and government has a place for providing for its citizens
  • People have rights inclusive of health care, a place to stay, a social safety net, etc.
  • A country is as strong as its weakest link
  • Optimism, not pessimism as in the Republican Party
  • Represents all classes of people
  • Represents small business
  • Supports religion
  • Women’s rights
  • Financial protection (Dodd Frank, Glass Steagall, Consumer Protection Bureau, etc.)

I can go on, but you have the idea here. Democrats are a diverse and lively gathering and that is a good thing. We rarely agree on anything, as you can see from Senate and House votes, so if we do agree, then that truly says something, such as the passing of the Affordable Care Act, which was one of the best things to happen in the United States in a very long time. The states, where the ACA does not do as well are in states were Republicans tried to fight the law and did everything in their power to sabotage the law.

Let me know your thoughts. Like, share, and donate.

Commentary on Trump’s Followers Being Snowflakes

Allen Clifton wrote that Trump’s followers are snowflakes. Here is a quote from the beginning, which I like:

I’ve often mocked the belief among many Trump supporters that he’s this “tough-talking, confident, tells-it-like-it-is alpha male” type. That’s the character he plays, but the truth is he’s the complete opposite of that.

He’s a weak, insecure, fragile little snowflake who uses his power and money to try to bully others. I’ve never seen someone who’s as neurotic and thin-skinned as Donald J. Trump.
Funny thing though, most of his supporters are just like him.

No truer words have ever been spoken. Donald Trump is a weak, insecure, fragile little, I would say pathetic little, snowflake. He cannot have anyone disagree with him. He has yes-men extremism. He has to have his media intake  given to him with just the right amount of uplifting his ego. Donald Trump is an evil treasonous dictator. Thankfully, the entire planet but his followers realize it.

Take for instance Germany’s leader Angela Merkel, who said: “The times when we could completely rely on others are, to an extent, over.” That is definitely one polite way to say it. I would have gone further, but I guess saying that “We had Adolf Hitler” and now the U.S. has their own. Why is it that the right does not see that yet and impeach the sociopath?

Before continuing, the photo that I chose says a lot. Look at the contempt that Trump has towards everyone, especially our key alley Germany. Angela Merkel and Trump are polar opposite in every way with the orange goblin being, well, The Evil One. At least Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon a Time had a redeeming side. The Orange Goblin, Treasonous Trump, has none.

I am getting off topic. I wanted to add some missing points to what Allen said, which he missed.

1. Severe case of “The Mirror Effect”.
(This illness, mostly the result of ignorance and pride, possibly biochemical?), has any discussion immediately reflected with counter statements, such as “Democrats are just as bad”, “I can name 10 bad traits of Democrats too”, “All government is bad”, basically the retort is an immediate attack in kind with no proof and the unwillingness to accept that they are on the wrong side and a side that harms themselves.

2. Ignorance

3. Pessimistic: variation of ignorance, but separate nonetheless. Here they do not see the bright side in government, they just see that their lives are bad and that government is bad.

4. Susceptible to one-liners

5. Lazy: Refuse to accept anything that causes them to work. They accept any statement that says that they can get instant gratification.

6. Racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic: Hates anything that is not like themselves.

7. Severe case of “it is always someone else’s fault”

8. Anti-patriotic

9. They think that helping others is a sin and that they will be rich one day and they should be able to keep their money. Poor people, like themselves, should work and get no handouts. The rich and connected know what is good for them, and that if the rich get theirs, they will get it too (trickle down). These people refuse to see themselves low income and middle class.

10. They refuse to accept that they need social services (the safety net) and that that is good for them. If they use it, they make excuses that they can do without it, but that they paid for it and will use it.

11. Many on the right (and left too, but more so on the right) will complain about the social safety net and then get doctors and lawyers to write them notes that they need this or that and qualify for whatever (SDI, etc.)

12. I wrote another point on this topic, I hope, however corruption is the single biggest issue facing Republicans. Their party became indentured to special interests, corporations, power, and big money a long time ago. We see the true costs / outcome now.

It is easy to continue, but I made my point.

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The Corruption of the Republican Party

I talked with someone last night and the state of the Republican Party came into the discussion. This person mentioned the obvious, namely that the Republican Party got corrupted, possibly always has been, by power, money, and special interests, not to mention bottom feeders.

As you probably are aware, power and money corrupt. It takes a special effort, awareness, and ability to not get corrupted by power and money. In a sense, power and money are two halves of the same coin. We see the two sides most eloquently by example. We have Donald Trump, George Soros, and Bill Gates. There are many other people that I can name, but those came to mind first.

Thinking about George Soros brings to mind Warren Buffet (Birkshire Hathaway). Both have oodles of money, but both use their money for good. George Soros opened a university in Budapest, Hungary offering free tuition, which the current dictatorial government in Hungary stopped, but still. Warren Buffet has done many things to help the middle class. I do not need to talk of Bill and Melinda Gates and their foundation combating education, illness, and poverty. What is it that they do not do? Okay, the Gates Foundation can do more on Climate Change, but tackling illness, education, poverty, and vaccinations across the globe are already huge things.

We have Donald Trump, a petulant child that desperately needs a timeout. I truly understand his background. He had a father with issues. He was a victim. I get that. He probably had even as a child mental issues. It is hard to tell without a medical evaluation, but I strongly suspect that is the case. Still, he had money, wealth, a family that helped, and got lucky. As his money and power grew, he delved deeper and deeper into the dark side. He had little need for self restraint or self introspection, which comes with failure. Why? He was never unlucky, so there was no need to self analyze. When he was unlucky or failed, he bullied others. That worked for him. I hate quoting Fiddler on the Roof, but to each their own kind, and he gravitated towards other bottom feeders, Steve Bannon to name just one. Multiple this self feeding downward spiral by decades and add in the corruption that being a movie star brings and you wind up with present day Donald Trump. I will put him politely and just say what Pope Francis said of him. He is not a Christian. If that is not the understatement of the year, then I do not know what is. Evil fascist scum.

The Republican Party saw themselves as the Minority Party, which is not true, but that is how they saw themselves for decades. For reasons that I am not sure, they latched onto big corporate money, mostly from pharmaceuticals, tobacco, fossil fuel, the gun lobby, and the Christian Coalition industries/groups. They got lavished with money and advertising. The cost of that money and power was voting for their causes. Republicans have always gravitated towards states rights and shied away from the social safety net, so there was little interest to say no.

The culmination of special interest money came with the January 21, 2010 decision along party lines (5-4) of Citizens United, which legalized unlimited special interest money into politics. That was the turning point for the Republican Party, which had always gravitated towards special interests, but that made a bad situation even worse.

Treating corporations as people is another problem with the right. Corporations are not people. They are businesses that are run by people, to create products and services, which benefit people and create income for their owners and stock holders. Corporations can exist for good, but can exist for bad too. The tobacco and fossil fuel industries are notoriously evil businesses and sadly spend nearly limitless amounts of money addicting new people each year. That people die and the planet suffers is nothing to them. There are new people to take their place.

In order to maintain the corruption and maintain evil acts, there is a need for self-lying. No group likes to see their own faults, so they turn to outlets that cater to them. Fox, which was run by one of the most corrupt individuals ever to run a media company, Roger Ailes, found out during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, that there is much money and influence that he can peddle by sensationalizing and lying about the issue. Monica became a victim of the right. She wrote about that. With that, Fox News, or should I say Fox Entertainment, was born. They sometimes report truths, but more often they go for ratings and just like the trash magazines at the grocery checkout stand, they cater to conspiracy theories and anything else that play on people’s inner most fears and emotions. The ignorant and scum fall for it. It is easier to believe conspiracy theories and lies than the truth.

Before going into modern day, we have to talk gerrymandering. When Republicans won state houses and the House in 2010, they did extreme gerrymandering. The Supreme Court, had a case, where they ruled recently that Georgia’s gerrymandering disenfranchised poor and African Americans in two districts. The problem is global, but they ruled just there, as that is where the lawsuit was.

Now, Republicans could have done what California did to create special groups and prevent gerrymandering by either party, but Republicans wanting to push their agenda saw that the ends justify the means, another Republican trait that leads to the dark side, and gerrymandered districts to ensure that they win.

Gerrymandering and their special interest focus got them Ted Cruz, Darril Izza, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnel, and all the other scum controlling the House and Senate.

We see the culmination of Fox News, special interests, and big corporate greed with the elevation of Donald Trump to the White House. Here is someone, who should not be in the White House. I do not want to say that he does not have the temperament to be President, because he does not, but rather say that he is in no way qualified. That was obvious before and after.

He does not care about business and jobs. His decision to leave the Paris Climate Treaty was because the fossil fuel industry to which he is beholden does not support climate change. They want to push fossil fuels. Trump and Republicans are looking to create a law forcing states to use coal and oil for energy. The new jobs are green jobs, which we are now ceding to the Chinese and other countries. We are losing respect and our leadership role. It says something that only Syria and Nicaragua did not sign the Paris Accord with Nicaragua refusing because they said the treaty did not go far enough or fast enough to combat Climate Change. That makes Syria the only other country to say no, and they were hardly in a position to say yes. Seriously, if that does not say something, what does?

The best way to help the economy is to be healthy. That means a safe and secure family, a healthy family, and a safe and secure planet. Education is also key. Health, living somewhere, and education are rights, not privileges of the rich.

Thankfully, Democrats are aware of much of the problems plaguing the right, hence California AB-14, which seeks to disclose very visibly who pays for ads and seeks to disclose, who got paid by special interests. Disclosing information, knowledge, is power. That is something the right tries to aggressively curtail. We see that with their intimidation of the media and journalists and attempt to change libel laws.

Truth, the ability to admit wrong, resistance and assistance, and love, true love, will get us past this dark period, which we are now in. It is up to all of us to resist.

Someone said yesterday to me that there are only two real parties in the United States: Progressive Democrats and Moderate Democrats. I did not think of it that way, but that is the truth. The fiscally conservative party are the Progressive Democrats.

Lastly, I wanted to briefly touch on a Republican fallacy. Single payer health care saves money and lives. California SB-562, which seeks to implement Universal Healthcare, Medicare for all, in California, had the official financial statement issued. It would save money each year, not take money. It would save $150 million each year, if I remember the correct figure, with increases in savings in future years. They forgot to take into account that healthy people can work and pay taxes, which then adds even more money.

If there is a light, it is that California will hopefully show the rest of the United States that there is a better way. In truth, there is light. In light and truth, there is a positive future. We just need to fight for it.

The reformation period in Europe in the 1500’s showed that science is the key and has facts. Sadly today, Republicans are forcing marches that science is fact and must be protected. We as a society had this fight. We cannot let fascism take root and flourish. We must resist.

As Keith Olberman says, Peace.

Top 11 on Trump and the Nazis

Dan Rather gave a commentary on Trump’s incompetence, which Allen Clifton wrote about. There is a link to Dan Rather’s commentary on Allen’s post. I wanted to give my own two-cents on the article.

Yes, we live in dangerous times. The analogous would be somewhere in 1920’s Germany with the rise of the Nazi Party and their willing executioners. The difference is, of course, that the United States is not under oppressive sanctions nor is their massive economic plight.

We do have a backlash much as people during the enlightenment period in Europe with people who need to be told what to do and how to think that could not make it for whatever reason into the modern era. Like with the Nazi regime, they blame everyone who is not like them for their plight, as that is the easy road rather than blame themselves. Many are uneducated, even with a degree, and do not understand.

There are many parallels to periods of the past and present. One does not have to go too far. Trump keeps bringing Putin, Duarte, and other dictators. Trump wants to tell people what to thing and wants to be told what to think.

The way to fight back is through the truth and education. The danger is to be complacent or to say that one side is better than the other. As the November 2016 election showed, we had Bernie. The difference is that Republicans did corrupt their entire party possibly beyond repair.

A person, who read my commentary, responded as follows:
To the sentence in your comment beginning: ‘The difference is ….. I would add the very important word ‘YET’.  It is already clear to me that the Republicans now in charge aim to make a NAZI-like DICTATORSHIP of the government of the United States of America!!
People know the German’s and the Nazis from a vantage point of modern day, but what happened took years to come out. Also, in those days they were the first and information traveled slowly. Since that time, evil has had a chance to learn and adapt. The same forces, which swept up Germany, did not disappear. They relocated and exist everywhere.
We had White Supremacists dating all the way back, or has everyone forgotten the Civil War and slavery. I remember the mutterings from years ago from down south: “A good ***** is a dead one” and the like. The North won the war, Lincoln partially ended slavery, but did nothing to change hearts and minds. We still fight this war. The same forces that hate African Americans, hate Jews, and other immigrants. By the way, at one point the Irish were the scum and lowlifes.
With respect to Trump, here are my top 11 thoughts on the topic of Trump and the Nazis:
1. How people forget a tweet that Trump made mid last year showing a picture of the Nazi flag/symbol and the Jewish Star of David crossed out. Of all the White Supremacist imagery that I have seen in my life, that was the most vile, but also the most honest.
2. Trump admitted on another tweet that he keeps (kept?) a copy of Hitler’s Mein Kampf (My Struggle) on his nightstand.
3. Nixon and other Republican lowlifes are his idol.
4. Trump employs thugs and lowlifes (Steve Bannon, etc.)
5. Has a propaganda ministry along with a trained base to believe him.
6. (most important) Trump is as much of a legitimate sociopath than Hitler.
7. His whole “schtick” is to cater to hate and playing one-group off of another.
8. Like the German’s, he blames all people’s frustrations on “people who are not like you”
9. Removes social services all the while spending more on the military.
10. Has lawyers seeking ways to remove libel protections, so that they can go after media and control the media, just like in Russia and in Germany.
11. Shuts down free speech, prohibits agencies from disclosing information, closes down agencies, which protect people.
I could go on and on, however I made my point. Unlike individuals on the right, I am not speaking Hitler’s and the Nazi name for the hell of it. I, probably more so than anyone on this group, know what the Nazi’s did. Most of my family perished in the death camps in WWII. My parents barely survived. I heard stories. I saw the places, though have not been to Auschwitz yet. I have seen more documentaries on the topic than I care to, and I do not mean just American produced ones. I sat through Shoah and countless others. I know the stories first hand and saw the aftermath.
My family and many others said nothing, because they did not believe that something as vile and horendous can happen in Germany, which at that time was one of the most civilized in the world. (Does that sound familiar?)
Trump and his minions are researching modern ways to exterminate the masses. Zyklon B was a first attempt. There are other ways, as we found out in Syria, who Trump supports, with Assad and his mass murders.
There is an interview, which I reposted mid last year, of a son interviewing his father. The boy’s father is a historian at a university in Israel. The original interview was in Hebrew, but was translated. The boy asks his father if Trump and his followers are Nazis. The father said that he is not sure that there are signs, but he would have to wait and see. Since mid last year, we have seen everything and that is just the tip of the iceberg.
Imagine what we do not know and what has not come out into the public.
I asked if Trump is a Nazi. The response that I heard is that he does not realize that he is. One can say that he is ignorant and too stupid to understand what he is. I disagree. He knows exactly who he is and pushes his lies and propaganda.
Even Keith Olberman, whom I never in all the years that I have watched him, ever called anyone a Nazi and fascist, but he calls Trump and his allies fascist and Nazi, more often than not.
Whether one says fascist or someone like Putin or Mussolini, the evidence is in your face. We are talking to someone, who bars the U.S. media, but confids in Russia our secrets and invites the Russian news media.
Trump and Republicans are evil, more and simple and there is no other way to say it than that. By the way, I am not a bleeding heart liberal. At a Democratic club meeting, I was the only person to vote no on raising the sales tax. I AM Taxed Enough Already. I can hear the voice of fiscal responsibility. What I will not cotton to is fascism and the like.
I love my country. We must all stand up to all forms of fascism. We must protect our rights and that includes our safety net and, of course, the Affordable Care Act. In health, freedom, and openness comes success.
As Keith Olberman would say:
Resist! Trump, Republicans, and Fox News are traitors to America and do not represent the true America.
Get people to vote Democratic in the special elections and in 2018. Eliminate right wing gerrymandering. That is unfair to both sides and is not American.

Europe’s Views on Trump and the Sad State Here

Robert B. Reich, is Chancellor’s Professor of Public Policy at the University of California at Berkeley and Senior Fellow at the Blum Center for Developing Economies. He served as Secretary of Labor in the Clinton administration. Although I would pull his name out of the hat, since Allen Clifton wrote about him, I do recall the name and that I liked him at the time. I agree that he was quite influential and smart, as were many people in the Clinton and Obama administrations.
Many people support Trump and the Republican Party, but not all are quiet to the threat that they pose. I for one am not. I called Trump and his party fascist scum for a while, as they are. Anyone who reads my comments or reads my blog knows how I feel about the dangerous scumbag and their party, The American Nazi Party, by any other name. Heck, look who Trump picked to be in his cabinet and who advises him!
I am not one to use Hitler’s name in vain, like many on the right or even the left do. My family was part of the Holocaust and my family was in the death camps. I have traveled to Europe and saw first hand what was done, though I have not been to Auschwitz yet. I know of the parks, which were once mass grave sites. I know the tactics that the Germans used. I am familiar with what the Russians did after the war. I traveled behind the iron curtain several times before Russia “left”.
Most Americans have no comprehension of what fascism is or what the Germans did. You can study it in school, watch films, but unless you were part of that, you cannot know. The same is with being transsexual. People simply do not know. They are ignorant, whether willingly or not. Even I, who was born many years after the war ended, know only a fraction of what was done, but I do know enough.
Many Germans and Jews had no comprehension during that time that it was happening. They had no clue of the death camps. Many Jews said that there is no way that it can happen here. The Germans kept what they did secret. News did not travel. Even after Jews were ordered to wear the Star of David and were placed in ghettos, people did not believe.  Many, many people were ignorant.
There is a book, Hitler’s Willing Executioners, which talks on this topic. Many people sympathized with Hitler and were quietly relating to him. Lines like, “Those dirty Jews are stealing our jobs,” and “Jews are not real Germans” were common. The feeling that Jews immigrated to Germany or just came and diluted ethnic Germans was common. We see the same thing today among Trump supporters.
The same forces that propelled Germany to fascism, and the economic toll that Europe placed after WWI was only part of the reason Hitler rose to power, happens here in the United States now. It has been happening for years, just people are ignorant to see. Each passing year, the right becomes more and more outrageous and treacherous. Look at what Republicans are doing?
One incident does not make a pattern, but the Republican Party, has virtually an infinite number of incidents stretching as far back as you want to go. The problem is that the Republican Party is monolithic, as Allen, others, and I talked about recently. They reward loyalty, and thrive on their propaganda ministry (Fox News). Heck, Fox News made its name out of bogus controversy, because their followers are interested in the bedroom behavior of people rather than in running the country. Heck, their ideal President is “someone who is like us” and “someone with whom you can have a beer”.
Trump feeds people his transparent lies and they believe, because it is a lot easier to believe in “contracts”, instant gratification beliefs, and the problem is someone else, not yourself. Believing that Democrats stole American jobs, such as mining, is self deluding and willful ignorance.
Other than people should not work in mines and and switch to less hazardous jobs, the mining jobs that people complain were lost has nothing to do with policy and everything to do with natural gas being cheaper and automation. These two factors, not regulation reduced mining jobs down to 55,000 from the 250,000, as I remember the number, from its heyday.
Farming is another example. Farmers love the bullshit that Republicans talk, all the while shooting themselves in the heart. Trump and Republicans in the current budget proposed radically reducing farm subsidies, just people are dumb.
The Republicans caused the Great Recession. Wait a couple of years along with transparent “no’s” and “Democrats raised the deficit and bailed out Wall Street” and you have millions of zombies believing the crap. Cause and effect sometimes are immediate, a tornado lifting a house and thrusting it to Oz, and others are not. What is never immediate is healing. Republican financial policies, tax breaks to the rich (the Bush tax cuts), allowing banks to engage in derivatives and other speculative behavior, and other things led to the Great Recession. The bailout did not, as I recall raise the debt, as most of it was paid back.
Studying deficit trends and economic policies require education, something the right does not want to do. People may hate the caricature of Clinton, but Bill Clinton produced one of the best economies that we have ever had. Bush caused the deficit and helped the rich.
Each term the Republican agenda becomes more and more egregious and bent on countering the progressive we as Americans made. Their objection to the ACA is that it helps Americans, whereas Republicans want to create death, chaos, and help the rich.
Going back to my thesis of this post, just because there are no obvious death camps, not that it was obvious until after WWII, does not mean that Trump and his minions are not thinking of and researching ways to implement “final solution,” whether in reality or in soft form. Their policies and budgets are just that, just takes longer.
I am not dissing the financial prudence or other topics, as I am a firm believer in multi party democracy. The Republican Party, however, has become evil, and their leader, Trump, is a sociopath, who very well, as Robert Reich and Allen Clifton states, can Wag the Dog us into a war to prop up their regime. We all saw that before with Bush.
Resist, just like Keith Olberman and Allen!

The Republican Non-Party

Allen Clifton, Forward Progressives, wrote an article, commenting on a comment that Paul Krugman made regarding Donald Trump and the Republican Party in the New York Times. The revelation by Allen is that the Republican Party is corrupt and not a party. Allen says that we are ignoring the real problem, which is the Republican Party.

My comment and the subject of this post is that this “revelation” is nothing new. I have been saying that the Republican Party is anything but a political party and they have no interest in their constituents, the country, the planet, or anything else, just a very small group of elites and then not even them. They want chaos. In short, Republicans are and have been evil for a very long time, probably since the very beginning. The National Republican Party (Lincoln) may have ended slavery, or part of the system at any rate, but that was as far as the party went on doing the right thing.

I legitimately hope that Allen did not JUST come to this realization that the Republican Party is not a party and does NOT have the interests of the American people in mind or being fiscally conservative for that matter. This situation with the Republican non-party has been here for quite some time, just every 10-years these people go further and further down the rabbit hole selling their souls even more.

We are talking about the same group of people that stole a Supreme Court seat and where Mitch McConnel (Senate leader, R-KS) said “I won”. We are talking about the same group of people that stole a presidential election, where the Supreme Court in a 5-4 decision said that their finding cannot be used as precedent or for any other presidential race that their decision is a one-off, basically they gave the presidency to Criminal Bush, who complained about Al Gore having too many attorneys, all the while the Republicans had more.

We are talking of the same group of people that sold their soul to financial institutions gutted financial protections in the bank and real estate markets and then caused the worst recession since the Great Depression. We are talking about the same corrupt organization that impeached Clinton for basic bullshit all the while, when their own “Supreme Leader” does far worse things, they say nothing.

We are talking of the same group of people that employ people to create one-liners, bogus contracts, shutdowns, and whatnot rather than placing people and country first. I really have to mention the debt again, as they legitatmely caused all of it. Should I mention Nixon and McCarthyism? I could toss in putting White Catholics Males first and dissing all the rest for centuries. They are not Republicans but rather confederates.

The United States started getting better under Woodrow Wilson. He ushered in the Roaring Twenties. Following Woodrow Wilson, we had 3 Republican Presidents in a row. Towards the end, we had the Great Depression. We had “Hoovervilles”. That could easily have been said as “Republicanvilles”, as Herbert Hoover was the Republican nominee. Sadly, Democrats were not the bet of parties during these years. There was a political switch in ideology, which took place in the late 1950s and 1960s, but still evil is evil. One cannot state McCarthyism and the red scare enough.

I cannot leave this post without commenting on the Republican Parties two biggest tenants, national security and “The Party of G-d” forgetting that there is a separation of church (discrimination to temples) and state.

I just love how dictators and tyrants take democratic terms and abuse them. Korea and other “communist” countries are hardly democratic or a country of the people. They are dictators. Putin is a dictator that took a weak Democracy and rewrote the rules to make himself a “Supreme Leader”, basically g-d and screwed his own citizens and had his own citizens say thank you for it, talk about sheep.

The Republican Party is not a party of g-d. They are the party of the devil pushing hatred, diversity, and are the most anti-life party bar none. They want to save lives, but as soon as the child is born, they do everything in their power to kill off or screw the child. They pay no attention to the needs of families or children, none. Do I really have to give proof? All I have to say is ACA and universal health care and that should answer that. I could mention a host of things. Clearly, they are not g-d fearing or pro-life. I do not even laugh at that statement, as it is appalling.

That brings us to national security. Republicans and national security is an oxymoron, if ever I heard one. They do not even care about veterans. One just has to look at their policies. If you have not watched The Karate Kid (the original one), then you should. Here is a great one-liner. “The best defense is to not be there.”

The best defense is a strong mind and body. That means where all citizens are healthy (mind and body), where the country and planet is healthy (no climate change issues), no farming issues, and everyone has a job. The government has to provide the framework to ensure that things happen and of course bad things do not, that means regulations. The whole concept of killing off all regulations is mind boggling. The United States is no different than a family. A family that is healthy, has a place to stay, is loved, and has a great financial health, is a happy family and a safe one, especially when multiplied by all citizens. What I have found is that the chain (the United States and its citizens, all citizens) is as strong as its weakest link. (Yes, that is an adage, but a true one.)

A party that puts itself in the bedroom and plays g-d to everyone but themselves is something to be erased. I just love how Catholic Priests condemn the LGBT community and then at the same time sodomize little boys. That was not an isolated incident but one that was/is prevalent and part of the culture.

A party that is bound to the pope, itself an evil institution, is not and cannot be American. There are multiple religions and an infinite diversity of people. There is also a separation of church/temple and state. It is not a coincidence that the group that killed people to proclaim the Earth was flat and not round is the same low life people that do the same thing now time and time again. I am not against religion or Jesus, just people, who use The Lord’s name in vain and to do evil. That I am against, big time. Allen wrote about this thought many a time. (I leave it to you to do a search.) Really, Republicans are the most anti-Christian party this planet has ever known and that says something. There is nothing Christian about them. By the way, Republicans do not support Israel, never have. They just use Israel and want the Jewish Orthodox to give them money and power.

The list goes on, but suffice it to say that Republicans are not just now turning a new leaf. They are the same party that has been going down the rabbit hole for decades and centuries.

Lastly, it is not a surprise that Neo Nazis, White Supremacists, the KKK, Confederates from the South, and all other scum gravitate to the Republican Party like flies to shit. That legitimately says something about the group known as the Republican Party.