Allen Clifton wrote an article on the Republican Health Care plan. This post is my commentary on that article, blowing off some steam too, as it is quite frustrating how ignorant the right and many people are towards something as basic and necessary as healthcare. Healthcare is a right. Period. There is no such construct as old/young and healthy/sick, as I will illustrate. There is just people, as in “We the people”. Anything else and one winds up with “Logan’s Run” and when you turn 30-years, or older, if you somehow evade the law, you go to a disintegration chamber. The ACA is one of the best things to happen here in the United States.

Each and every one of us needs to protect and defend this awesome law and work to positively enhance the law. There are states, which do not have the medicaid expansion, because of the right, who else?) The Silver plan should be the lowest level, ditching the bronze. The affordability level should be better. The deductible on the silver plan is too high. That should have a zero dollar deductible as well, as deductible limits healthcare. There should be a public option, as Hilary wanted to add. She will not be President, but the idea is sound and it is up to others to implement a public option. Shall I continue? Planned Parenthood should have some sort of law passed, which protects the organization from the right for all time. They provide much needed services.

The whole construct of “healthy” people and “sick” people and “why should healthy people have to pay for sick people” are some of the most ludicrous concepts ever perpetrated by the right. Let me phrase things a bit differently. If we can talk about ISIS bombing the U.S. and then having the President make nice with ISIS and turn against the U.S. to illustrate a point, we can do the same with healthcare.

Let us divide people between dark skinned (African Americans, Latina, Indian, and whomever else that I might have missed) and so called “White people”. (That is another load of crap, as there is no such thing as white people, but I digress.) Why white people have to pay for dark skinned people’s health insurance? White people should be able to purchase cheaper plans, because white people are better and healthier, while darker skinned people, should, well, get fucked over, just politely stated, of course.

(It is hard to not get worked up typing on healthcare and get my blood boiling. How dumb are people anyways?) Dividing people between healthy and sick is dumb, stupid, idiotic, brain dead, and every other ignorant adjective one can dream up. There is no such construct. Just as a stranger is a friend that you did not meet, so is a sick person and health person. A healthy person can become sick at an instant with no notice whatsoever. Let us not add in injury, external forces, and the like. Before crying about 20-year old’s “paying” for 40-year old’s, those same “20-year old’s” in two blinks of an eye will become 40-year old’s. Why 2 blinks, yeah should be faster, as time moves faster as you get older, but I give 1-blink per 10-years, at least when you are 20, maybe a half blink by the time you are 40 or 50.

The other point is “better cheaper”. Republicans are like some lawyers twisting and manipulating facts and language. One has to be clear what the definition of “better” and “cheaper” is.

Better: The best health insurance plans are those that help the rich Christian white people that make up the bread and butter of the Republican Party, while screwing over the rest and having them say thank you for it.

Cheaper: The rich should not have to pay taxes to support the poor and working class. Rich people worked hard to become rich (eye rolling, pathetic) and poor people (everyone else, who is not old rich Christian white, though Sheldon Adelson, who owns the Venetian in Vegas, is Jewish) should pay for the rich. The rich should not have to pay for health insurance, hence cheaper, just like taxes. As Warren Buffet said: “My secretary pays more taxes than I do”. That is obvious, as one has tax write-offs, lawyers, and accountants, while the other does not, just a W2.

The ACA is an awesome health care law, which we should all be thankful. It is a blessing, which saves lives, gives real choice, and provides much needed services, such as mental, maternity, and everything else. The best way to help the economy is to have a healthy one. The U.S. today because of the ACA has the healthiest citizenship ever. It could be more, if Republicans were not trying to make America Sick (again).

Resist… Assist… Persist… Educate… Remove/Recall… Peace…