I made a comment on a recent post on Forward Progressives. The post discussed John McCain (R-AZ) saying that American leadership was better under President Obama and concluded that Republicans sold out their country by embracing Trump. I made a comment that Republicans sold their soul a long time ago. One can argue with the embrace of The Southern Strategy or by its very DNA, being a conservative ideology.

The right did not sell their country out, when Trump came along, as a candidate. That is horse shit. Republicans sold their soul years ago, or have all of you forgotten “The Party of No” and “Contract with the Ignorant Voter, err Contract with America”, etc., etc., etc.

As to Trump, “Oh Lord it’s hard for him to be humble, as he is perfect in every way. He cannot wait to look in the mirror, cause he get better looking each day.  To know him is to love him. He is one HELL of a guy.” Fits. No?  Mac Davis knew what he was talking about.

One person made the following comment:

I don’t think I have ever seen anyone who likes themselves as well as Trump likes himself. He is really demented.

My current belief is that the Republican Party is a holdover from the conservative party in Britain (Torres). Watching recent history in the UK has the same damn thing. They are isolationist, hate immigrants, etc., etc. Half the country voted to undo international frameworks (leave the EU). Half the country decided Britain Uber Ales and not adopt the Euro. It is amazing that conservatives went along with the metric system.

I watched episode 4 (or is that 5) of Crown (Season 1 on Netflix), which is the story of Queen Elisabeth the II. That episode deals with the killer fog of December 6th through 11, 1952. The Torres headed by Winston Churchill said that fog is fog, acts of god. He went on to say how wonderful fossil fuel is, etc. Tune into Trump for the same damn speech. 12,000 people died during those days, when there was no wind and fog trapped fossil fuels and coal burning plants exhaust. It was not until 1956 that the Clean Air Act passed to make sure that that incident never happens again, well at least that was the thought. The Labor Party (Democrats here) knew the problem, but were unable to do anything about it.

The question Betty is not why anyone would stand with Trump, as he is just a byproduct of the conservative ideology. He watches and believes in Fox News, believes in conspiracy theory trapping him to the right, and is of course a true member of “The Southern Strategy,” waving his White Nationalist flag, Nazi really. The question is why anyone in their right mind stands with Republicans at all.

46 to 53%, depending on the year, of 50+ and White Males make up the Republican Party. Trump and the Republicans are screwing them over big time, and they say thank you for it. This KOS article entitled, Republicans betray their gray-haired base with Trumpcare, does an excellent article on Trumpcare and how it fucks Republicans over, good and hard and have them say thank you for it.

The answer to my question is the same as why a wife stays with an abusive husband. Why do people stay in any abusive relationships, not just women? The answer is the same here. Yes, inertia is part of it. People hate change, but moreover people want to believe things that harm them and shy away from work. They love their one-liners and prefer to live in bliss than in reality. Yes, ignorance is part, but educated people too support Trump, hence the clashes at Berkeley. Greed is another factor. Religious brainwashing plays yet another factor. With all that, though, there is something addictive that people find intoxicating about the Republican message and why they love their “libtards” and “You East Coast liberals think you know everything” mentality. They rather commit suicide then admit to any wrong.

What can I say, but?

Resist… Assist… Educate…