Allen Clifton, Forward Progressives, wrote an article talking about the 5 standout points raised with James Comey’s written testimony before Congress. I wanted to add my take to that.

Donald Trump behaved like some sort of mafia boss

Trump is not “like” a mafia boss. He IS a mafia boss, twice over. First, the Republican Party is corrupt and has been for quite some time. They are the new mafia. As Trump is the head of the Republican Party, he is a mafia boss. Secondly, Trump is an arrogant CEO and runs his companies expecting total loyalty and wants everything done his way. Many rich and power people fall victim to this behavior. Third, Trump is an outsider and never held political office. He thinks like the government is his company, which he needs to run. That is why all his followers voted for him. Heck, many Democrats wanted an outsider, as stupid as that is.

Like most criminals, Trump made sure most of his discussions with Comey were private, where no one else could witness what he was saying

Keeping conversations private is something that Trump previously did and so does again. He wanted private conversations private. Of course, he was intimidating and coercing James Comey. He is a CEO and the investigations were affecting his “running” the government. By the way, he always wanted to run his companies his way. He is a CEO of that style. We already know his temperament and behavior (grab ‘em by the pussy, etc.), so a mafia style intimidation is what he does and knows. There is nothing new here.

Comey immediately seemed to view Trump as someone who wasn’t ethical or trustworthy

Of course, Trump lies. When has Donald Trump ever consistently told the truth? Everything is always about him and how perfect he is. Any fault is the media’s fault, someone else’s fault, or a combination thereof. He will lie to persuade his followers. His followers are gullible enough to believe anything that he says or does. They were conditioned by Fox News to be that way and by a party that demands absolute loyalty.

Trump fired Comey because he wouldn’t do what he wanted him to do

Speaking of loyalty, the Republican Party demands absolute loyalty. Trump is a Republican, so naturally, Trump demands absolute loyalty to the exclusion of all else. Republicans do not see a problem with that or Trump being a mafia head, as that is what they are. Democrats are the evil one, much as G-d is the evil one to Satan.

Trump is a bully and a CEO, so firing Comey is a no-brainer. An employee, who does not obey his direct superior tends to get canned. We are talking about the “You’re fired!” person. Right? That was not just an acting gig. That was genuine Trump and he enjoyed saying that. Trump does not think like a government official. He thinks like he runs a company, so hence firing Comey. Comey doing what he did to Clinton is just a convenient quick excuse.

In many mafia films, one person has to be the scapegoat and take the fall to further the family and its head. Michael volunteered to kill Sollozzo and Captain McCluskey and take the fall in the God Father. There are an infinite number of examples to draw from. Trump is not taking the fall, so he demands that others do and keep their loyalty. That is part of the reason why Flynn still did not talk or others are silent too.

Trump went from praising Comey, telling him how highly everyone he knew spoke about him — to firing him a few weeks later. And the only thing that “changed” between the first meeting and the day Comey was fired was that Trump finally realized he was never going to give in to his demands.

Trump does not understand what someone else does or cares. He legitimately does not. I highly doubt Trump understands, researched, or knows what Comey does, the FBI does, or even remembers what someone else says of Comey. Trump is concerned about himself, and himself only. Trump will say anything to get loyalty. One of the common traits people and management use is to offer praise, so that the person works harder and is loyal to them. We can call that a carrot. The stick is the mafia style threat. Power long ago went to Trump’s head.

Although I highly doubt the American Mafia Party (Republicans) to do anything to Trump, as that would mean admitting that Trump is a mafia head, which would implicate them. They will continue to spin like McCain tried to do tying in Hilary’s email server investigation to the Trump campaign Russian collusion investigation.

Impeaching Trump will come, when the public, independents and moderates, have enough and vote Democratic in 2018 and in the special elections this year. Democrats must also come out and vote. We shall see what happens in Georgia’s 6th Congressional Seat special election in a couple of weeks. Jon Ossof is behind by 7 points in early voting, even though Karen Handel made idiotic statements and hugely lost their debate, but she is a Republican and Republicans can do no wrong, or as the acronym goes: IOKIYAR (It is okay if you are a Republican).

Vote Democratic and remove the American Mafia Party and its head from power. Think and Act Blue.