Allen Clifton of Forward Progressives wrote an article talking about how Trump supporters are fragile little snowflakes. I already commented on this post of Allen’s. I received a comment, which I wanted to address. The comment is:
no one is saying that democrats are perfect, but at this moment, republicans are running our country and not doing a very good job. You should think about our country and not who you voted for.
If you read my writings, I quite frequently state that there is only one party in the United States, the Democratic Party. We are not perfect by far, as is evident by our “Bernie or Bust” squabble and many other things. We are, however, on the right side f history. The Democratic Party is really two (2) parties: Progressive Democrats and Moderate Democrats. That is a good thing for Democrats, as long as we stay united, as it keeps us grounded, engaged, and not complacent.
The Republican Party sold their soul, quite literally, and became corrupt. They are bought by special interests, corporate money, and the criminal element. They are guilty of the human condition, namely that power and money corrupt. That is why Citizens United was a horrible decision and why hopefully CA AB 14 will pass and is a good thing. Transparency is a good thing.
Republicans not doing a good job is an understatement. They got corrupted, are traitors (I am not being mean. They really are.) to everything that the United States stands for, and wish to cause chaos.
I am thinking about our country, writing about it, and am active. I voted for Hilary and would do that again. That does not mean that had Bernie been nominated that I would have thrown a hissy fit and done a “Hilary or Bust”. I would have voted for Bernie. I am in favor of a single payer health service and other things. Between Trump and Bernie, he is the better choice. I just have issues with him, if that is what you refer.
As to the 10 traits about the Democrats, you misunderstand. I talked to a Donald Trump supporter, multiple actually, and each of them says the exact same thing. “You focus on what Republicans do, but not on the Democrats. The Democrats are just as bad.” blah, blah, blah. You did not read the “quotes” and that I referred to Trump supporters.
I am a paying member to the Democratic Party and active member. I fully support them. I do not agree with the liberal faction all the time, such as the sales tax increase to combat homelessness here in California, but I do not disagree that homelessness is a serious problem. I just disagreed with taxing us to death. There is money in other ways, which does not involve sales taxing us to death. I agree with Governor Brown on being financially prudent.
My only complaint with Democrats this past year is with the “Bernie or Bust” movement and them throwing hissy fits. I rolled my eyes at the “Write In Bernie” placards all around California. Bernie lost the primary, get over it. Now we have Trump and I want to say: “Are you happy now?”
The Democratic Party is not perfect, not by a long shot. The party does have a tendency to spend first finance later, though that is a trait that we are far better at now than at any other time previously. Yes, that is because of Independent and Republican influence. What we have going for us are some of the following traits:
  • Not afraid to try new things
  • Discuss and disagree with facts and intellectually
  • Want what is good for the country
  • Believe in science
  • Have as a core platform to not gerrymander, disclose all campaign contributions, and not allow corporations to buy influence
  • Overtly encourage representative and inclusive democracy
  • Diversity is beneficial
  • Openness
  • The constitution and government has a place for providing for its citizens
  • People have rights inclusive of health care, a place to stay, a social safety net, etc.
  • A country is as strong as its weakest link
  • Optimism, not pessimism as in the Republican Party
  • Represents all classes of people
  • Represents small business
  • Supports religion
  • Women’s rights
  • Financial protection (Dodd Frank, Glass Steagall, Consumer Protection Bureau, etc.)

I can go on, but you have the idea here. Democrats are a diverse and lively gathering and that is a good thing. We rarely agree on anything, as you can see from Senate and House votes, so if we do agree, then that truly says something, such as the passing of the Affordable Care Act, which was one of the best things to happen in the United States in a very long time. The states, where the ACA does not do as well are in states were Republicans tried to fight the law and did everything in their power to sabotage the law.

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