Allen Clifton wrote that Trump’s followers are snowflakes. Here is a quote from the beginning, which I like:

I’ve often mocked the belief among many Trump supporters that he’s this “tough-talking, confident, tells-it-like-it-is alpha male” type. That’s the character he plays, but the truth is he’s the complete opposite of that.

He’s a weak, insecure, fragile little snowflake who uses his power and money to try to bully others. I’ve never seen someone who’s as neurotic and thin-skinned as Donald J. Trump.
Funny thing though, most of his supporters are just like him.

No truer words have ever been spoken. Donald Trump is a weak, insecure, fragile little, I would say pathetic little, snowflake. He cannot have anyone disagree with him. He has yes-men extremism. He has to have his media intake  given to him with just the right amount of uplifting his ego. Donald Trump is an evil treasonous dictator. Thankfully, the entire planet but his followers realize it.

Take for instance Germany’s leader Angela Merkel, who said: “The times when we could completely rely on others are, to an extent, over.” That is definitely one polite way to say it. I would have gone further, but I guess saying that “We had Adolf Hitler” and now the U.S. has their own. Why is it that the right does not see that yet and impeach the sociopath?

Before continuing, the photo that I chose says a lot. Look at the contempt that Trump has towards everyone, especially our key alley Germany. Angela Merkel and Trump are polar opposite in every way with the orange goblin being, well, The Evil One. At least Rumpelstiltskin on Once Upon a Time had a redeeming side. The Orange Goblin, Treasonous Trump, has none.

I am getting off topic. I wanted to add some missing points to what Allen said, which he missed.

1. Severe case of “The Mirror Effect”.
(This illness, mostly the result of ignorance and pride, possibly biochemical?), has any discussion immediately reflected with counter statements, such as “Democrats are just as bad”, “I can name 10 bad traits of Democrats too”, “All government is bad”, basically the retort is an immediate attack in kind with no proof and the unwillingness to accept that they are on the wrong side and a side that harms themselves.

2. Ignorance

3. Pessimistic: variation of ignorance, but separate nonetheless. Here they do not see the bright side in government, they just see that their lives are bad and that government is bad.

4. Susceptible to one-liners

5. Lazy: Refuse to accept anything that causes them to work. They accept any statement that says that they can get instant gratification.

6. Racist, misogynist, anti-Semitic: Hates anything that is not like themselves.

7. Severe case of “it is always someone else’s fault”

8. Anti-patriotic

9. They think that helping others is a sin and that they will be rich one day and they should be able to keep their money. Poor people, like themselves, should work and get no handouts. The rich and connected know what is good for them, and that if the rich get theirs, they will get it too (trickle down). These people refuse to see themselves low income and middle class.

10. They refuse to accept that they need social services (the safety net) and that that is good for them. If they use it, they make excuses that they can do without it, but that they paid for it and will use it.

11. Many on the right (and left too, but more so on the right) will complain about the social safety net and then get doctors and lawyers to write them notes that they need this or that and qualify for whatever (SDI, etc.)

12. I wrote another point on this topic, I hope, however corruption is the single biggest issue facing Republicans. Their party became indentured to special interests, corporations, power, and big money a long time ago. We see the true costs / outcome now.

It is easy to continue, but I made my point.

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