Allen Clifton wrote an article thanking Fox News’ Shep Smith for standing up to Trump. My comment deserves to be published here as well.

I do not think that Trump’s support of Russia is any “one thing,” but rather a collection of multiple things. Even his ego is two things. Here is the list so far, at least what comes easily to mind.

1) Anyone who thinks that Putin only hacked the DNC and Hilary’s campaign is naive. If I were Putin and about to hack the DNC, I certain would want insurance and hack the RNC and Trump’s campaign too.

2) Trump mercilessly hammered the DNC and Clinton’s campaign because of th hacking. When the truth comes out that his campaign and the RNC were hacked, Trump would have to eat crow.

3) Trump is being blackmailed

4) Trump has business interests in Russia. There is still that property that he wants and almost had.

5) He admires Putin; birds of a feather, so to speak.

6) Trump would have to admit that he actually lost the election to a female, Clinton no less, that his Presidency is not legitamate, and that he would have to order a redo election, where he would lose.

7) Trump never does the right thing unless forced.

8) Trump makes much more money for himself and his rich friends/family by staying the course

9) Trump is and was a fascist. Let us not forget that Germany and Russia were allies during WWII until Germany crossed Russia.

10) Lastly, Trump is Putin’s puppet and doing his bidding. Trump is also the puppet of conservatives. His character is not strong enough to actually be independent.

11) Trump has no experience in politics or leading. He is a reality actor, nothing more.

12) His business acumen is a fraud and he is a failure.

13) Trump is always right, never wrong. Period. Changing course now on a topic such as this one, would mean that he was wrong, which he never is.

14) Many in Trump’s campaign already admitted guilt to colluding with the Russians for dirt on Clinton. I think Pence is involved too, which means if all that would come to light, then Republicans would be out of power and Clinton declared thew winner. That would probably lead to Civil War II.

15) Trump thinks only of himself and “his kind”, never anyone else. That was evident in his demeanor prior to landing in the White House, not to mention how he treats his family and his spouses.

16) Trump spent no time with his children until they were adults and could benefit him. Why would Trump be anymore nurturing to the U.S., the planet, or its citizens?

One can go on and on, but these are the basic items. If I had to pick just one, that would be hard, as Trump’s ego definitely plays a part, but my gut tells me that Putin has something on Trump or the two are involved in a business dealing. Trump simply goes way too out of his way, even against many in his own party, to protect Russia. I would say that seems odd, but rather given what we already know makes sense.

Mueller’s investigation is circling around the Trump campaign. We already know of the meeting to get dirt on Clinton and Trump’s use of the leaked emails before they were leaked. Mueller is gunning for Trump and Trump will not make his job easier, or is he?