Butterflyvista Corporation has recently released Jobfish 2011 for Windows (www.jobfish.com) that is reducing hours of lost time and relieving the frustration people feel when all their hard works yields zero emails, calls or interviews. Jobfish 2011 makes it simple to find job openings, manage listings, control contacts, track applications, and even manage unemployment insurance.

Founded by Sarah Weinberger, a former frustrated job seeker, who wanted a way to reduce the frustration and time spent on job searching activities. Sarah wanted a way to be one of the first resumes in the employer’s inbox, not lost in a sea of thousands. Jobfish not only helps to send out resumes faster, but greatly reduces the frustration of dealing with job boards. Jobfish with a one-stop center that manages every aspect of your search, finding a job with Jobfish is a whole lot easier than without it.

Jobfish 2011 runs under Microsoft Windows. You can view pricing at the website, www.jobfish.com.

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