More and more I see that Trump is an exaggeration of Republicans as a whole. Getting rid of Trump would not make anyone better off, as then we would have Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Rand Paul, or any other nut job on the right. They are all dangerous. Yes, Trump arguably is more dangerous, as he is a sociopath, but Pence is no better.

Trump in many ways is better than Pence. Let me explain. Trump is a lightning rod for the left, who galvanizes people to rally against him in a way no other Republican can do. Bush II, Newt, Ryan, McConnell were/are just as evil, however he was not a sociopath or galvanize public sentiment in the way that Trump does. Getting rid of Trump would “quiet” the left but leave someone more insidious on the right. That really would leave the right free to do more harm. The left should be careful of what it wishes for, because replacing Trump with a Democrat can only happen in 2020, so our goal is to keep him in check until 2018 and then make him a lame duck President in the way Republicans did for Obama. By the way, Obama and Clinton were the right’s lightening rod and it got them far.

No. A do-over will not teach Democrats a lesson. If the rest of the U.S. is like Los Angeles, then the left needs a lesson.

  1. I was not fooled by Trump, the Russians, or anyone other crackpot. Trump was not even in the same class as Hillary in the debates. I would have tossed his ass out after 5-minutes on the first debate with his first “lock her up” and interruption. That many, many people bought into that and even the media (CNN, MSNBC) is whose fault?
  1. “Bernie or Bust”: I cannot tell you how many “Bernie or Bust” signs I saw around and on the freeway. On November 8th, I saw “write in Bernie”. There was street gatherings to promote Bernie mind you Hillary had won and Bernie was out. These people were all drinking Kool-Aid laced with some sort of drug.
  1. To this day, the only Hillary sign was in my room. I donated and got my magnets and stickers, so they were on prominent display. There was not one single pro-Hillary sign anywhere to the best of my knowledge here. If there were, and that is a huge if, it must have been kept in a secet underground location away from everyone.

If California was against Hillary because she has a vagina and not a penis and because the left believed many of the lies that the right said (child molester, murderer, unfit, beholden to Wall Street, does not want Universal Health Care [she pioneered the concept here in the U.S. in ’94], etc.), then you can imagine the rest of the U.S.

As the saying goes on “Once Upon a Time” (ABC, Sundays at 8:00 PM, write in to ABC to renew for season 7), all magic comes with a price. “Bernie or Bust” comes with a price, namely Trump and the Republicans.

The Democrats still do not get the message. They refuse to go against Gorsuch’s nomination because of fear that the right will go nuclear. Democrats are afraid of their own shadow. I would not mind saying “boo” to senators on the left and seeing what happens.

The Democrats and public did not care about the Supreme Court on or before November 8th, when Republicans were stealing the seat, but now everyone is saying “give Trump a chance to govern” (Joe Biden). Why exactly? They stole the seat and are committing treason, so why exactly?

Democrats need to suffer for about 18 months until the next election. If people suffer enough, hopefully most to all Republicans in the house will go bye-bye and all 8-Republican seats in the senate giving Democrats 56 votes in the Senate.

Democrats still are not fixing this mess. Just take a look at local elections. We won one local election, however lost quite a few more. Pennsylvania is today, so we shall see what happens. Republicans played politics and refused to allow the Democrat on the ballot, so we shall see if the write-in effort works. Basically, is the left sick enough yet? Today will tell.

A do-over if the FBI proves collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, which was obvious from the get-go would not solve the problem in the long run. People need to see that elections have consequences. “Bernie or Bust” type of mentality has consequences. IOKIYAR (it is okay if you are a Republican) has consequences. People need to wake the fuck up, to borrow a phrase from Amazon’s now canceled Hand of God (season 2). 52% of voters have a love affair with Satan (the Republicans) and are ignorant. Well, the best cure for ignorance is suffering and seeing that ignorance comes with a cost. Getting out of jail free, when the problem keeps happening over and over again for many decades, is not a lesson. Elections have consequences.

In the meantime attention should go to saving the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and other key issues, not the least of which is denying Republicans anything.