I read about the security breach that Trump made yesterday, when the story broke on The Washington Post and subsequently I read the other stories on CNN and the like.
I also read where Trump majorly expanded the Mexico City rule creating the “Protecting Life in Global Health Assistance Initiative” yesterday. There was also the story that broke yesterday that Trump is packing the courts with like minded people at a blistering pace. The Syria/ISIS security breach took first place, but the other stories happened too.
As many of you know, I have always considered Mike Pence, Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and of course Darrell Izza (R-CA) more dangerous, however I changed my opinion yesterday and Trump is the single biggest national security threat this country has EVER known, bar none, not even the Soviets in the 1950s and 1960s.
Trump unlike what Allen states is not just ignorant. He is very cleaver and a sociopath. He did not get to where he is without knowing how to manipulate people, the media, businesses, and officials to do his evil bidding.
It is time for the right to put pride and specific goals (abortion, climate change, fossil fuels, increasing the debt, lowering taxes on the rich, gerrymandering, etc.) aside and realize that Trump has to go. The right lives in this country too.
Trump is not a left problem but an American problem. It is time that he immediately get impeached, removed from office, and prevented from playing a part in politics ever again and of course running for any office of any kind.
I would excuse one thing, but Trump has not just one thing against him, but many.
To my colleagues on the right, let us say that Hilary messed up with the email server and that Bengazi is the way that the right portrays (she obviously did not murder children and did not molest any children), you would then have to grant the left at least have, if not all that we are saying. What Trump has done pales in comparison to anything that Hilary did or would have done.
I implore people across the United States to get together to start the process to remove Trump from office.