Think about the following. When was the last time you walked up to a woman, any woman, and said “You look like a woman”? When was the last time you walked up to a man and said: “You look like a man”?

People and the media saying that a President looks Presidential has the built-in implication by the statement that he is not presidential that he does not look presidential and that he is not President. Does one walk up to a rock and say that the rock looks like a rock?

I never once thought that wow, President Kennedy looks presidential or Clinton. Heck, I never thought that about Raegan either, but here everyone but me is, except now in this post and only because I keep hearing this topic, talking about Trump “acting” presidential.

There is a Chabad temple not too far from where I live and I often on Saturday and other times see Chabadnicks walk along the street. I do make a mental note that I see them, but that is all. I say that they are walking to or from temple. I never once in my life said that Chabadnicks “act” or “look” like an Orthodox Jew; not once, not even subconsciously.

One does not question what one is. One is what one is. Period. A woman is a woman, period case closed. A Chabadnick is a Chabadnick. One does not say that Trump looked Presidential, because that says that every other time he does NOT look Presidential.

By the way, “look” is a far, far away thing and concept from being. When was the last media report that Trump “is” presidential (president) in other than by title?

Last comment is that Trump did not “look” Presidential, his staff did and that is a big difference. A “President” is President no matter where or when. Someone “always” having to do his work means that he “is not”.

What would happen if the only time that I “look” and “acted” like a software engineer was when someone else coded sometime for me and I turned that work in as my own? Would that not construe plagiarism and misrepresentation? That other person would be the software engineer, not me. I, however, for good or bad, did my website, coded DataMover all on my own, coded Jobfish, VsIncrementer, and all the many other software products on my own. My blog articles are mine too. I can wake up at 2:00 AM and still talk about anything that I did, because I did it.

Madam Secretary has speech writers, but she can talk with or without the notes, as those are her words. She often reads part of a speech, dumps the speech, and just talks. That is a leader and shows that Tea Leoni’s character IS Secretary of State and one day maybe President.

The next time that you hear Trump “looks” or “sounded” Presidential ask yourself do you want someone that “looks” Presidential or, rather, do you want someone that IS presidential, a leader, someone who speaks for ALL America and pushes America.

A leader shows humility, can admit weakness and faults, cares about the country, can act and think alone, wants people who are smarter than they are surrounding them (like Barak Obama did), and knows that they know nothing, just a fraction of what there is to learn. Trump, like Putin and others, is, well, perfect, flawless.

Being President of the United States requires someone who is NOT perfect, because only when you fall some zillion times do you learn enough and built the understanding that goes into a leader. People of the United States are flawed and with problems. They want a leader, who understands them and knows how to lead. Bubble orange boy was born with a silver spoon, used people, and presided over many failed businesses, not to mention his scamming university. That is not a leader nor a person who understands the masses nor someone who speaks for all.

Why did Jesus live as a human for many years? Why did Jesus walk among men? He could have come here on a Roman carriage thundering riding on a cloud and saying that g-d has come? That is not what the writers of the New Testament wrote, because they knew that that would not make Jesus a leader. There are exceptions, of course, such as Kennedy, but Trump is no Kennedy.