The title is a play on the Amazon original series, Just Add Magic. Everyone here in the United States needs a bit of magic and unified hard work to keep us safe from the likes of Trump and the right, which are hell bent on enacting policies that directly leads to murder, mayhem, and anarchy. That is, of course, by their design.

A few days ago, Trump signed an executive memorandum reversing an Obama executive order limiting guns from mentally unstable individuals. That executive order sought to prevent people, who really should not have guns that if they have guns would commit murder, possibly mass murder, from having access to weapons.

With all the talk of Sessions and whether or not Trump looked professional in front of congress, Allen Clifton, Keith Olbermann, and the media glossed over this executive memorandum reported on the 3rd by the Washington Post. Trump signs executive orders and memorandums daily, but this one bears comment.

By the way, dictator wannabes only require a willing executioner, namely power hungry and obedient Republicans in both chambers of congress, who will blindly do whatever the dictator wants. That is how all dictatorships work from Russia to Cuba to North Korea to China to every other hell hole. When you have a dictator, who needs actual legislation?

The Republican ideology has always been to spread anarchy, mayhem, and federal unraveling. Republicans do not want federal (or state) government to work. They want chaos and violence. In this chaos and shouting they can extract money and power. They can do things that ordinarily they could not do. More importantly, there are people that thrive on disorder and violence. Republicans and conservatives are those types of individuals.

While the press corps were distracted by flashier topics and Republican fed propaganda, Trump reversed an Obama era legislation that strengthened background checks on guns. As the Washington Post wrote, the Obama era regulation required the Social Security Administration (SSA) to turn over to the FBI the names of individuals receiving disability checks for being mentally disabled. The SSA also had to turn over the names of others that could not handle their own finances. The FBI runs the background check database used when purchasing a weapon.

According to this Washington Post article there are 75000 such people with more coming on the list every day. With the Affordable Care Act, mental health and heath in general is one step closer to being accessible for all citizens, something the right obviously cannot have. How can you have chaos, suffering, and mayhem if citizens are healthy and government is working?

There is the upper class (real upper class), who must control everything and everyone else. All Republican action gears towards the short-sighted needs of the rich and anarchy. Both Ryan and Trump’s idea to revamp taxes is not about helping the middle and lower classes, but rather to stick it to the poor (15% as opposed to 10%) and help the rich (39% down to 35%). Capital gains, which only affect the rich, and corporate taxes also help the rich, as does repatriating corporate money from overseas, so that corporations do not have to pay taxes.

This new memorandum is nothing new. After each previous gun massacre from an individual, Republicans are anti limiting glocks, machine guns, and other extreme weapons. Preventing another Orlando is not their concern. Heck, Republicans are also on record for supporting students of all ages being allowed to bring guns and other weapons to school.

It is scary to think that Amazon’s “The Man in the High Castle” is based on reality, just there is no film maker trying to help mankind. We have Democrats and intellectuals, however there are many people fear intellectuals and reasonable thinking as I commented on earlier. We have in quite out terms the American Nazi / White supremacist party gaining the power of the presidency and the Republican party more than happy to oblige. All that is missing is the clothing.

They already try to, and to a large degree do, control the media outlets. CNN and the other media outlets talk about what Trump wants them to talk about. He plays CNN like an expert violinist plays the fiddle. CNN is just too stupid to realize it or they realize it and do not care. It was this playing to Trump’s tune that partially caused Hillary the election. While Trump was talking economics with the base, Hillary and the media was talking about penises, vaginas, the illegal Mexicans. Given the choice between jobs and an illegal Mexican, the choice was easy and CNN was there to help. Maybe the “taken out of context” Michael Moore film was right.

Back to topic, guns in the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable is the same as Trump going to New York Times Square with a machine gun on New Year’s Eve and with the protection of the police starts killing people by the hundreds with impunity. The difference is that in one case the killing is obvious and murder, while in the other case we have murder clouded in propaganda that conservatives and the ignorant do not get.

Although the topic of another blog entry, it is not a confidence that the West Coast and East Coast are blue, while the insides are red. The same ignorance gave us Nazi Germany in the 1930’s and 1940’s and the same ignorance gives us these lunatics throughout the world now.

I wanted a photo of a child holding a machine gun. I just got lucky enough on my search to find this image. It says everything.  The caption says everything: “We will not sell Kinder chocolate to children in the interest of child safety. Why not assault weapons? Trump and Republicans want to make it perfectly legal for children to take guns and weapons to school. Half of America thinks that is okay and the “liberal media” find talking about whether or not Trump is Presidential and the fate of illegal Hispanic people, who should apply for citizenship through regular channels more appealing. I found Mom’s Demand Action by chance and I got paid nothing, not a dime. CNN and the liberal media rather talks and posts links about whether Trump looks presidential. I wonder who is worse: Trump or the media?

Before closing, I found this article from Rev. Robert Franek posted on and Rev. Franek is spot on and says what I said here, just much better talking of the millions of deaths the Republican Party committed and will commit and how Republicans put party before country. Here is a poignant paragraph from the article:

Now less than fifty days into Donald Trump’s presidency this Republican moral failing has reached its apotheosis. Amid a growing amount of intelligence information that begs for an independent investigation into the Russian hacking of the election, Congressional Republicans continue to downplay this need. It seems now that these Republican leaders are showing more loyalty to a foreign dictator than they are to the citizens who elected them and the Constitution to which they swore an oath to uphold. And if there is any loyal left for this country it is beholden to corporate interests at the expense of public and planetary health.

For all the talk of “Moral Majority”, I do not even see a “Moral Minority”.

Fight back! Learn. Study. Resist.