There is talk among progressives that Trump’s tweets attacking the media is treasonous. Keith Olberman in his video makes this claim. I counter that the attack, although dangerous, insightful, hideous, and a cancer on the Presidency does not equate to treason or a violation of the 1st amendment to the constitution. Trump stated his opinion, but that is granted as a right. There could be a case, though not for treason, for the same reason that one cannot yell fire in a crowded theater.

Trump uses and insights people willingly and knowingly to get them worked up and not look to the big picture. That is how he won. While the left kept talking about the Gold family and attacks on Muslims, the left did not make there case on the economy. Trump knew what he was doing. He plays the same game even now.

A fight to censure Trump or move to impeach him, would distract the public (progressives) from legislation that the right would pass, from executive orders being signed, money and power grabbing, and payouts to their rich donors.

The fight must stay focused on local elections and on 2018, not to mention staying vigilant on his executive orders. I understand Keith’s anger, but we have to resist and stay focused, not play into Trump’s hand again and again.

Someone wrote me stating that Trump “will have a chilling effect on reporters and the media corporations. That makes Trumps anti media rants just as insidious.”

All Republicans have huge negative impacts on people domestically and on the world stage. Just their direct cost of the government shutdown in 2014 by Republicans cost tax payers $24 billion (I just looked up the actual number), not even taking into account the secondary costs or the 60+ times they spent tax payers money to investigate Hillary, vote out the ACA, and every other wasteful thing. I would put the actual amount closer to quite possibly a half trillion dollars.

If we add to that the amount of money that the U.S. lost had Republicans improved the economic climate, improved domestic health of the entire population, and been the party of “Yes” and “Can do” instead of the party of “no”, we very well could have had another half trillion dollars in earned income and more if we tack in the amount lost due to poor health in the 19 states that did not adopt the ACA enhanced medical.

Very easily our $20 trillion national debt could be $18 trillion, a huge reduction, which compounded over the years would amplify. As such, Republicans are directly to blame. The huge balloon debt that increased during Obama’s years in office, just under $8 trillion, was the direct result of the near great depression part 2 and the hit that all sectors took. Republicans caused the recession with the repeal of the Glass–Steagall Act, which allowed the banks to engage in derivatives. The housing bubble, another factor, also ties in here.

Now, imagine the people that die or suffer because of lack of health care, poor roads and infrastructure, and the like.

Now, add in gun violence because Republicans fail to act on comprehensive gun reform. There are many deaths and injuries each year.

Republicans are evil as are their followers. Ignorance is not an excuse. The blood is on their heads. We have blood on our hands too, because:

1. We bicker among ourselves

2. There are several DINOs, which we do not extricate, Senator Heidi Heitkamp of North Dakota and Senator Joseph “Joe” Manchin III of West Virginia to name two.

3. We do not come out and vote

4. The left throws temper tantrums (Bernie or Bust), think here Bust

5. Not refuting lies (against Hillary come to mind, but elsewhere to)

6. Going into meaningless activities (99% sit-ins a few years back, marches, etc.), while the right organizes and wins elections.

7. Progressive vs. liberal infighting

8. Not voicing loud feedback, like the right, whenever they lie or obstruct.

9. Not giving one-liners (thumbs up or down!, lock her up, etc.). The right always gives memorably one-liners.

10. Not making gerrymandering an issue until well after the fact but even now immigration gets much more attention.

The list goes on, but I think that I made my point.

The left’s previous inaction with the right’s criminal activities already has huge implications across the board. Japan, Europe, and other countries no longer look to us. Our standing across the board is much less than it was. Our infighting now puts us way behind other countries in very important areas: healthcare (which is a right), education, transportation, infrastructure, governance, death and violence, wage, standard of living, research, and a host of other things.

The U.S. is the butt of jokes with all of us paying the price. That is criminal and causes death, injury, and destruction. The right is dangerous in the extreme. Trump’s attack on the media is disgraceful, but they the right and all their leadership is disgraceful. There are plenty of other actions that Republicans have done, which rise to “treason” and “criminal” status. Trump’s talk against the media, IMHO, does not. Heck, the right’s attack on the Supreme Court is treasonous. There are much better targets.

The most dangerous people in Washington is not Donald Trump. The levers of power belong to Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House and Senator from Wisconsin, Mitch McConnell, Senator from Kentucky, and of course the former governor of Indiana Mike Pence. Trump is President and a huge sideshow.

Right now, we all need to focus on taking America back. There is a special election in Delaware tomorrow and in Georgia soon. We need to win back at the local level and prove that the 99% and our planet matters.