Trump is not really the end of an era, as this Politico article mentions, as for years for a variety of reasons, some of our own doing and some not, our influence and leader status diminishes.

Every time we show ourselves as a spectacle, we get laughed at and diminished. If we do not have our own affairs in order, the same happens. Ping ponging does that too.

The U.S. is like any family. If a family is at war with itself, the focus is on destruction, and not leading. What makes it worse is if people put power, greed, hang-ups (intolerance of any kind), ignorance of any kind, then the family starts to fall apart.

One issue is fine, but not repeatedly.

If the U.S. is to not be an embarrassment, we need to change.

  1. Education for all inclusive of university. We are as strong as our weakest link.
  2. Healthcare for all. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege of the rich.
  3. Gun control, or should I say gun eradication. The constitution indicates the right of militias, now known as state national guards, such as the California National Guards. Seriously, the founders did not have machine guns in mind. We have a different time now.
  4. Acceptance of all. We are a nation of immigrants.
  5. The right needs to get rid of its selective idea of big brother when it suits them and states rights when it does not. They are full of it on this point.
  6. Improve our infrastructure. Trump quietly acknowledges that their is no “credits” and other gimmicks. The federal government will have to pay, not $1 trillion but probably a heck of a lot more. California alone can eat up $1 trillion for damn, sewage, electricity and more.
  7. What is with the right to pump endless amounts of money to the military and then fuck each and every army person, when they get discharged. Also, the money is better spent.
  8. Do not get me started no nukes and the right’s position on it.
  9. Russia: They are the enemy people. Unbelievable on the uptick by mindless sheep and the ignorant, just because Trump says so. One cannot make this up.
  10. The right’s “Party of No” and “ABC” (anything but Clinton) and “Our strategy is to make Obama a one term president” and all the other low down things done have got to stop. The right needs to grow up and actually be constructive.

We are not past the point of no return, but we are close. Wake up America.

The list is endless.

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