Allen Clifton wrote another amazing article talking about Trump’s comments on Tuesday night and how he is using the death of the service man on the botched Yemen attack to further his own ego. I will not paraphrase Allen’s article, as you can read that, but I do want to share my thoughts as I read the article. I had this thought previously.

People get so worked up when a soldier dies. Before talking about my thoughts, let me comment on the death. If people were truly upset at the death of the service man, which they are not, they would take actions to prevent that death from ever happening again. There would be congressional investigations, there would be rallies. People would be demanding the heads of Trump and every other Republican that signed up for that meaningless attack and the frivolous waste of money, but no. There is nothing. I see only posturing and media talking heads doing just that.

I do not want to take anything away from the people, who gave their lives fighting for the country, however I am sick and tired of all the crying when a military or police officer dies and not one single person gives a damn when every day in this country someone or several are injured or killed in this country because of gun violence.

Every day people die because of cigarettes and Tabaco, something that Republicans and Trump want to promote. Trump has said many times that cigarettes do not cause cancer and that the link is Democratic propaganda. (Dangerous Idiot!)

Republicans, conservatives, and Trump never talk about or speak about the suicides, rapes, deaths, and violence to the LGBT community, which their actions foster. Their actions foster bullying, but where is the uproar, when someone gets bullied?

When a child gets born into this world that should not have and nobody wants to take care of them or the child is put in danger or grows up unhinged because certain people feel the need to invade other women’s bodies and decide for them but then look the other way on everything.

Where is the uproar, when the social safety net is attacked and seniors and the sick are put in harm’s way?

Where is the uproar when the poor and middle class is attacked for the sake of the rich? Republicans are trying with all their might to abolish the consumer finance agency, which Elisabeth Warren heads, which has saved millions of dollars for the low and middle class, but that does not cause mayhem and destruction.

Anti-Semitism and attacks on Jews are at an all-time high, but the tone is that we have to call fascism and white supremacist “alt-right”. Where is the outrage on that? Where are all the articles that should protest and say “Never again!” Has everyone forgot the lessons of the second world war? Where is the outrage like what I am seeing for the two lost service men?

When Republicans and conservatives destroy our country from the inside out and lesson the sanctity of public service and the Presidency, where is the outrage? I have heard Oprah saying that she never thought that a person, who has no political experience and whose resume is purely acting can get voted into the white house, so that maybe she should run. Where is the outrage that the highest position in the world responsible for this country, nuclear weapons, people’s lives, and other countries, not to mention this planet gets lowered to that like winning a job at McDonald’s. Where is the outrage from the schools and chants of “no more”?

Star Trek had several episodes talking about the needs of the many. Spock gave his life saying: “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few or the one.” Okay, that last bit Kirk finished up. The point is that we talk of a service man, but ignore the many deaths, injury, violence, bullying, and financial destruction, but nobody says a word, not one word. People get divorced, who may never have gotten divorced, because their lives are altered and nobody shows any concern.

The concern that I see is whether or not Trump lies and whether or not Trump acted Presidential last Tuesday. I see people, 52%, saying that well, Trump does a good job and you have to look at things this way and not go by what he says. Really?

By the way, what happened to “Trump is someone with whom I can have a drink, and that is the important qualification to being a President.” That was a popular sentiment back in 2000 voiced initially by a female college student on why she voted for Criminal Bush and not Al Gore, someone dedicated to saving the planet and people’s lives. Really? How many people died because of climate change or will die and no outrage.

I can keep on going, but I hope that I made my point. It is okay to mention the death of the service man, but we should at the same time give word to the thousands each week and each day, who suffer, because of ignorance.

It is time to call the “Alt-Right” for who they are: Neo Nazis, fascists, White Supremacists, sociopaths, anarchists, and deranged individuals.

It is time to put the money that Trump wants to spend on the military to fixing our nations many problems: damns, electrical grids, roads, paying for guaranteed basic health care (universal health care, which is not mutually exclusive to the ACA, but rather complimentary, if people actually used their heads on the left).

It is time to permanently end ignorance and for people to embrace intelligence. It is time to end violence and to realize that the right has always promotes violence. We saw that as a society with McCarthyism and a host of other things. Wake up.

As Keith Olbermann says: Resist!