Before talking about Jeff Sessions and his perjury, I want to throw a thought out to the masses:

Republicans are very 1-dimensional in one sense and that is their Achilles Heal. Republicans vote as one, think as one, behave as one. As such, all can go down as one if the Democrats do things properly.
 To say that the recuse of Jeff Sessions and the calling of his perjury a lit match does not apply to a Republican. Trump and Republicans operate by a separate set of rules. It is true that if Hillary won and had such events happen in her administration, Republicans and Democrats would have her neck in a guillotine.

How many political events have seen, where Republicans operate by a separate set of rules. Republicans caused the financial collapse of 2008 by their destroying the Glass Steagall Act and allowing the derivatives of the kind that brought the banking industry down.

The housing bubble and the huge loss of jobs, which resulted in a direct $10 trillion dollar increase in the national deficit and Republicans spinning in record time the blame to Barack Obama’s. The result? Republicans won the elections of 2010 and gerrymandered district lines to ensure that they will win. That was a crime and nobody cared.

Barack Obama brought the economy back to life and Democrats got the blame that he was not the miracle worker in his first 2-years against a minority Republican obstruction and so he should lose. Republicans can do no wrong.

Now, Republicans support Republicans and their party. The only way that Republicans, and they all act as one, would turn on their own would be if their head was in the guillotine and they saw no other way out, but even that is not the current state of the Republican party.

They would go down with the ship, lose power, be the party of no, spin away, and their followers and people in a year or two would believe them. We have been here before, several times before and people do not know.

There is also the fact that for many people anyone in entertainment, except a few who preach negativity, are old and out of touch. Hollywood has an age limit. Have all of you forgotten Logan’s Run?

We shall see, but with every week bringing new scandals and his followers not believing the “liberal media” and Trump being an expert in manipulating the media it is hard to see the Russian ties, and obviously, Trump has ties to Russia and/or the Russians have something on him, where none of what is happening matters. Republicans control all levers of power.

What can happen is for people to fight back in 2018 and resoundly defeat Trump, though we shall see how well that goes. We already lost several local special elections. Yes, we won, but lost several others.

Think of the Jeff Sessions reveal like this. If Russian influence mattered to voters would Trump and Republicans have so resoundly won? The Russian connection to Trump was in the news before the November 2016 election.

What was not referenced in Allen Clifton’s article or Dan Rather’s Facebook comment is that a recent poll, sorry I do not remember the URL, but can be searched, showed that Trump’s followers look favorably towards Russia and think negatively of the United States, basically they, like good sheep, buy Trump’s allegations hook, line, and sinker.

In order for the Republicans to be in any real long term danger, 52% of the population must get beyond the Democrats are Always wrong mentality and that if the Republicans do wrong, that their wrongs are forgiven or forgotten after a year or two.